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Way of the Telluric Trance[edit]

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The Way of the Telluric Trance is a Monk sub-class focused on the preparation of potions or herbal mixtures with mind-altering effects.

Monks of the Way of the Telluric Trance are adept in their knowledge of substance-induced trance states. They are able to focus and manipulate their Ki through the consumption of these telluric substances. Whether the concoctions are smoked, whiffed, or ingested, the user will experience a variety of effects. These can range from enhanced meditative states, to heightened physical senses, to even planar projection. To an outside viewer, one experiencing the effects of a telluric brew may seem deranged, intoxicated, or overly-sedated. This causes some to view these individuals as maniacs or wide-eyed dreamers. And while the experiences occur solely within the user's own mind, their effectiveness can be seen both on the battlefield and in the art created by monks of this path.


Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you may concoct substances which will have mind-altering effects on their users. Refer to the Concoction Prerequisites table for the three different types of concoctions, and their required materials, concoction time, duration, and effect range. Refer to the Concoction Effects table for the effects with which you can imbue your concoctions. The materials available for you to craft concoctions with will vary depending on the limitations of the universe you play in, and the local biology of your current region. Most materials will be mostly found in nature in their raw form. Very rarely will you find the necessary substances in a local store, but in areas that dabble more heavily in alchemy, herbology, and the arcane, you may be able to find a back-alley apothecary peddling dried silkroot or other such ingredients.

Concoction Crafting
Type Materials Time Base Duration Range
Brew (a) Water or beverage, and (b) herbs, fungi, or crystals 1 hour 30 minutes Self
Combustible (a) Paper or a pipe, and (b) herbs or fungi 5 minutes 10 minutes Self
Inhalant (a) Small pouch or vessel, and (b) powdered herbs, crystals, or fungi 30 minutes 30 seconds Self, or a target within 5 feet
Concoction Properties
Chakra Effects
Third Eye
Solar Plexus

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