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Way of the Spirit[edit]

Monk Subclass

Spirit Panda

Starting when you choose this monastic tradition at level 3, you gain a spirit panda that fights with you in Battle. The Spirit Panda takes the form of a passive tattoo on your body until you use an action to summon it, and it can be reverted back into it's passive form by using another action. The Spirit Panda fights along side you but rolls for it's own initiative. It's stat block can be found at the end of this subclass description

Bamboo's Retort

At 6th level, you and your Spirit Panda have learned to fight exceptionally well together. When your Spirit Panda makes an attack against an enemy within 5ft of you, you can use your reaction to make an unarmed strike against the same target.

Bonds of Harmony

Beginning at 11th level, you can spend a number of ki points to roll an equal amount of your martial arts die to heal yourself for the number rolled and your spirit guardian for half that amount.

Spirit's Wrath

Starting at 17th level, you and your spirit panda have become one, When you use your action to revert your spirit panda to it's passive form, gain temporary hp equal to the max hp of your spirit panda. When your spirit panda is in it's passive form, your unarmed strikes deal an addition 1d10 psychic damage and you can increase the damage by an additional 1d10 by spending a ki point, up to 10 ki points.

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