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Way of the Clenched Fist[edit]

This is a subclass of Monk. Along with a re-imagining of the preexisting, Way of the Open Hand Monk subclass. The Way of the Clenched Fist is an ancient fighting art. And will inevitably require unmatched physical, and Mental fortitude,

Tiān quán
"Heaven Fist"

beginning at the 3rd level, Honing your skills as a Monk you practice the effectiveness of your offensive capabilities. increasing your striking speed and developing destructive power in your Strikes.

  • Your martial arts die is now permanently one die size bigger than stated on the Monk table in the PHB. A D4 on the table becomes a D6, D6 -> D8, d8 -> D10, D10 -> D12. If you have 20 levels in Monk, your martial arts die improves from a D12 to 2D6.

Qiángdà de Ki shēntǐ
"Powerful KI Body"

At the 6th level, Further Training in the Way of the Clenched Fist, you empower true body of KI. Developing your overall ability to manifest KI more effectivly. Thus allowing Your Flurry of Blows technique to be used without expending your KI points.

  • Additionally for the cost of 1 Ki point. You can make a Clenched Fist Línghún fěnsuì Strike, as one of your Unarmed attacks. This attack deals 2d8 Force damage + Wisdom modifier, and increases by 1d8 force damage at the 8th, 11th, 15th, and 20th.
"Soul KI Master"

At the 11th level, With advanced meditation and effective Ki training, you have mastered the art of linking together your Ki with your very soul. In doing this you have gained amazing abilities.

  • As a free action you can roll an insight check against an enemy's deception, to see how much damage they are currently holding. Effectively allowing you to see there maximum health points, and how much they currently have/ or are missing.

Qí shèng

Finally, at the 17th level. Your long years of training and honing your skills to the very peak of physical and mental perfection, has turned you into the master of this ancient fighting art. As a bonus action and without the use of concentration, you can enter a meditative trance. In this trance you can see in all directions around you, yet your eyes are closed. Along with this your physical, mental, and Ki are empowered to unspoken levels. Granting you the Following benefits for 1 hour. During this hour your hair and skin glow a bright white.

  • You will be under the effects of the spells "True Seeing" and "haste"
  • Your bright skin and hair shine a bright light within a 60ft radius around you. This light will shine even in Magical darkness.
  • Using your Ki empowered fists, scoring a critical hit on an attack with your Unarmed monk strikes grants you to cause the effect of your stunning strike. Along with the normal Critical damage.
  • Your Unarmed strikes cause an additional damage in either Radiant or Force, equal to your current Unarmed monk damage dice + Wisdom modifer. As shown on the Monk unarmed Damage dice table.

This ability can be ended as a bonus action, and you will not suffer negative consequences if you where in the form for no longer then 1 min. This move will also end if your knocked unconscious. After using this Ability past 1 min (up to the full hour) you gain 2 levels of exhaustion and the negative effects when Haste, when the effect wears off. You must finish a long rest before using this ability again. When taking the long rest, the 2 levels of exhaustion are removed.

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