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Way of Smoke[edit]

Followers of the Way of Smoke learn to make their body lightweight and ethereal... to the point where they are physically capable of using their Ki to turn into smoke. It is a renegade offshoot of a monk order whose practitioners sought enlightenment by achieving oneness with all things, and the Way of Smoke is a twisted version of this ideal.

Smoke Form

You gain this ability at 3rd level, when you take this archetype. While in combat, at the start of your turn you can spend 2 Ki points to turn into smoke. While made of smoke, you cannot make attacks, but you gain a flight speed equal to your land speed, you are immune to non-magical damage, and you are immune to the grappled condition. You can also freely end the transformation when you attack. You automatically revert at the end of your turn, unless you spend an additional 2 ki, in which case you remain in smoke form until the start of your next turn. When not in combat, your smoke form lasts 10 minutes.

Nightmarish Maelstrom

You gain this ability at 6th level. All creatures you pass through while in Smoke form must make a Wisdom saving throw or take psychic damage equal to your unarmed damage and be frightened of you for 1 minute. They can retake this saving throw at the start of each of their turns, and become immune to being frightened by you for 24 hours on a success.

Smoke on the Water

You gain this ability at 11th level. Your unarmored movement now grants you a flight speed equal to half your land speed. You can also freely stand on vertical surfaces and on water without falling at the end of your turn, and you ignore difficult terrain.


You gain this ability at 17th level. While in smoke form, you can attempt to enter the body of a creature equal to or one size smaller than your size category. To do so, you must roll for damage equal to four times your unarmed damage (i.e, 4d10+20, if your Dexterity bonus is +5). If the opponent's remaining hit points is equal to or smaller than this value, this is a success. Otherwise, this ability has no effect. You also cannot use this ability on creatures who have legendary actions.

While inside a creature's body, you can control its actions for 10 minutes. You use the possessed creature's strength and dexterity score in lieu of your own. Its unnatural movements, and smoke leaking from its eyes and mouth, are a dead giveaway to the possession and you cannot easily disguise this.

At any point during the possession you can use 15 feet of movement to end it, either by leaving willingly, or by reforming inside the creature, creating a horrific explosion. The creature is fully conscious during the possession, but cannot make any actions. If you remain in the creature for the maximum number of rounds, the creature dies and you fall prone.

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