Water Elemental Warrior (5e Subclass)

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Water Elemental Warrior[edit]

Druid Subclass

Circle Spells

You gain additional spells which are druid spells, they are always prepared and don't count towards the number of spells they can prepare each day.

Level Spell
3rd shape water (Cantrip)
5th create or destroy water (level 1)
7th snilloc's snowball storm (level 2)
Natural Swimmer

At 2nd level you gain a swimming speed equal to your walking speed.

Elemental Blade

When you reach 6th level you can, as an action, create a blade made out of water, you are proficient in its use, if you let go of or drop it it turns into a puddle of water, you can reform it as a bonus action. The blade had the light and finesse properties and takes a form of your choosing, (shortsword, scimitar, etc). The blade deals 2d6+ your wisdom modifier cold damage. You can do this a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier (Minimum of once). You regain all uses of this after you finish a long rest.

Water Guardian

When you reach 10th level you can cast Conjure Elemental, choosing a Water Elemental. You can do this once per Long Rest at 10th level and twice at 15th level. (You can only have 1 elemental summoned at any time using this feature)

Elemental Form

When you reach 14th level you can, as an action, alter your physical form and everything you are wearing/ carrying to be maid of water. In this form you can breathe in air and water, and your swim speed is quadrupled, You are immune to all but psychic and cold damage, you are immune to all conditions. You can do this once per Long rest.

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