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Warp Blade: This sword is made with a crystal in in that channels extradimensional energy to make a powerful weapon. It is carried by the creature know as "The Warp Monster". Killing this monster gives the Player the Warp Blade. The Warpblade is a +2 Greatsword for all intensive purposes besides critical hits.

Cleaving Blow
A critical hit with this weapon will insta kill any 1D creature.

Soul Trap
A critical hit with this weapon on a multiple hit die creature gives you these options: a) Do x3 damage b) Give the creature the Warp Effect.

The Warp Effect
A creature with the warp effect takes an extra 1d4+1 at the end of every of her next turns. This effect can be stopped with Remove Curse or Cure Moderate Wounds spell. The effect stops at the end of the encounter.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Weight: 7 pounds lb.; Market Price: 1,986,532

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