WWII Weapons (D20 Modern Equipment)

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Bazooka 4d12

M1 Garand 2d10

M1 Carbine 2d8

M1903 Springfield 2d10

M1911 pistol 2d4

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle 2d10

M1919 Browning machine gun 2d10

M2 flamethrower 4d6

M3 submachine gun 2d6

Mk 2 grenade 3d6

Smith & Wesson Model 10 2d8

Thompson submachine gun 2d6

Winchester Model 1897 3d6


Bren light machine gun 2d10

Lee-Enfield 2d10

Mills bomb 3d6

Sten submachine gun 2d6

Thompson submachine gun 2d6

Webley Revolver 2d4


Degtyaryov machine gun 2d10

Mosin-Nagant 2d10

PPS submachine gun 2d6

PPSh-41 2d6

PTRS-41 2d12

RGD-33 Grenade 3d6

ROKS flamethrower 4d6

SVT-40 2d8

TT pistol 2d4

Double-Barrel Shotgun 2d8x2


FG 42 2d10

Flammenwerfer 35 4d6

Gewehr 43 2d8

Karabiner 98k 2d10

Luger P08 pistol 2d4

MG 42 2d10

MP 40 2d6

Model 24 grenade 4d6

Panzerschreck 4d12

StG 44 2d8


Type 99 Grenade 3d6

Arisaka 2d10

Nambu pistol 2d4

Type 100 submachine gun 2d6

Type 100 flamethrower 4d6

Type 99 Light Machine Gun 2d10

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