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Vulcans are a peaceful people who have chosen to banish their emotions in favor of logic. Vulcan logic gives them a cold, unfeeling sort of personality. The typical Vulcan day consists of waking up, meditating, eating, working, meditating, sleeping... very dull true, but quite logical to the Vulcan mind.

Every seven years however, Vulcans experience Ponn Farr, during which time their hormones rage to the point that logic becomes impossible even with their disciplined mind. Vulcan mating rituals are complex to say the least, and are entirely designed around this phenomona. Vulcan marriages are arranged by Vulcan parents when the children are between 3 and 6 years old. And when the first of the pair of spouses-to-be experience Ponn Farr they are married on the spot and a telepathic bond is made to align their Ponn Farr cycles to occur at the same time.

Physical Description[edit]

Vulcans stand about the same height of humans. Their skin tones ranges from a deep brown to a greenish-grey (owing to their green blood). Their ears are slightly enlongated and are pointed. They are about three times as strong as humans.


Vulcans have an indifferent stance with most races, they even have negotiations with Orcish tribes. Vulcans are often called to be mediators between races as they can be trusted to be impartial.

Elves hold Vulcans in a particularly high regard. Many elves believe that Vulcans are actually a higher evolutionary form of Elf.


Vulcans are creatures of reason and peace. They are appalled by decipt and needless killing. Because of this, Vulcans tend to be non-chaotic and cannot be evil. If a Vulcan were ever to turn evil, they lose their nerve pinch, mind meld, and mind probe abilities.


Vulcans are most at home in hot dry climates. Some are found in humid places, such as the jungles of Chult, but they tend to be less numerous in humid conditions than in deserts.


Same as Elves.


Vulcan is a logically constructed language that is reportedly easy for outsiders to understand, but it involves a telepathic element impossible to emulate in a non-telepathic race. Only Vulcans or creatures with Telepathy of some sort can speak Vulcan however it is easy for others to understand from the outside.


Male vulcan names tend to begin with S and end in K or N

Examples: Stonn, Spock, Sarak, Surdak, Stadok

Female vulcan names tend to begin with T followed by a gutteral pause and then usually a P

Examples: T'Pau, T'Pring, T'Lar, T'Pol

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 intelligence,+6 strength, +4 Dexterity: Vulcans are intelligent and learn things quickly. They are about three times as strong as humans.A Vulcan's actiona are very precise and measured.
  • +2 to charisma based skills against women, -2 against men (Vice versa if Vulcan is female): A vulcans's face has an almost hypnotic quality against the opposite sex.
  • A Vulcan cannot use the Bluff, Disguise, or Forgery skills. Vulcans cannot lie. (Half-Vulcans can lie, but they take 2d6 non-leathal when they do.)
 (The bluff skill can be used in making a Feint attack)
  • Vulcan base land speed is 30
  • Emotionless state: +2 to saves verses mind affecting spells and effects. In addition they can enter a state identical to Calm emotions as a move action at will.
  • Whenever a Vulcan takes 10 or 20 on a skill check, they gain a +2 bonus to this check owing to vulcan mental discipline.
  • +2 listen: Vulcan hearing is excellent.
  • +2 spellcraft OR psicraft: Vulcans are adept at the research and meditation required to become great magic users or psions.
  • +2 Concentration: It is VERY hard to break a vulcan's concentration.
  • Vulcans cannot eat animal meat, if they attempt to (or are force-fed) they are sickened for 1 hour per serving of meat.
  • Every 7 years, Vulcans enter Pon Farr. The time that a Vulcan has to mate depends on his intelligence score. Every three days the Vulcan goes without mating, they take a -2 to intelligence and get a +2 to strength. The Vulcan dies once his intelligence hits 0 or lower. A vulcan cannot simply satisfy Pon Farr by going to the local brothel. They must find a partner with whom they are mentally connected. That means they mind meld and find their alignment to be no more than one step different (ie. Vulcan alignment is lawful good, partner is chaotic good) but the partner cannot be evil. The partner is also at risk. The partner must roll a strength check plus their attack modifier to not be killed during Pon Farr (DC Vulcan's roll + Vulcan's strength modifier)
  • If a vulcan is in direct contact with an individual with at least 2 intelligence as a move action they can enter a "mind meld". In this meld the Vulcan's mind and their target's mind are linked and each is aware immediately of the other's surface thoughts. As a swift action either party in the meld can attempt (by making an opposed will save) to pull information from deep within the other's mind. Against non-vulcans, Vulcans gain +4 when pulling information. Normally the target must either be willing or grappled to be able to be subjected to the meld, and if they break the grapple the meld is broken and both the Vulcan and the subject take 1d6 subdual damage.
  • Nerve Pinch: If a Vulcan makes a succesful attack against a target, it is knocked unconcious. This is treated as an unarmed attack. Creatures immune to critical hits and sneak attacks are immune to this attack. A Vulcan must have one hand free to make this attack. Vulcans can teach this ability to others, but it takes a week and 100gp worth of materials to achieve this.
  • Naturally psionic: Vulcans gain 3 bonus power points at 1st level. This benefit does not grant them the ability to manifest powers unless they gain that ability through another source, such as levels in a psionic class.
  • At 1st level vulcans can choose one of the following feats to start. Eschew materials, Blind fight, Alertness, or Iron will
  • Vulcans may take the feat Improved Unarmed Strike at 3rd level, even if they do not meet the requirements.
  • Automatic Languages: Vulcan, Common. Bonus Languages: Any excepting secret languages.
  • Favored Class: Wizard OR Psion (choose at 1st).
  • +3 level adjust
  • Vulcans are restricted from being Bards or Barbarians. They simply do not have the emotional capacities required for these classes.

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