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Vow of Nonviolence (vs humanoids)(calming gaze) [Exalted][edit]

As original Vow of Nonviolence but you get a gaze instead of +4 to DC's
Prerequisite: CHA 13+, Sacred Vow
Benefit: You gain a calming gaze supernatural ability, which you can suppress or resume as a free action. Those who see your eyes must make a will save (DC equals 10 + CHA Mod +1/2 level) or be calmed as if by Calm Emotions except this affects only the effects that encourage violence (i.e. it causes them to forget their violent course and why they were violent) and it negates, not suppresses those effects of those who don't have violence/hatred ingrained in their very being. (add 2 to the DC if they make eye contact). Creatures with hatred and/or violence ingrained in their very being (DM's Discretion), find their hatred/violent tendencies suppressed for CHA Mod +1/2 level rounds. Success or failure, they cannot usually be affected by this ability for 1 day. DM has discretion on whether fumbles, natural 20's, successes and/or failures by 10 or more cause extra vulnerabilities (extra chance(s) and/or lower will saves concerning this gaze) or resistances (more days immune to effect and/or higher will saves concerning this gaze.)
Special: As original Vow of Nonviolence [please edit so that the whole 'special' section of VoNV is here.]

Vow of Nonviolence (vs humanoids)(WIS Mod AC and Diplomacy) [Exalted][edit]

As original Vow of Nonviolence but you get +WIS Mod to AC and More Diplomacy
Prerequisite: , Sacred Vow
Benefit: You gain +WIS Mod Exalted (DM's discretion on changing the bonus) Bonus to AC and a +1 (DM may choose to name the bonus) to Diplomacy. Furthermore, every time you level up, if you have this feat and are still living by this vow (In other words, you don't need to atone, nor have you lost this feat), you get an additional +1 to Diplomacy.
Special: As original Vow of Nonviolence [please edit so that the whole 'special' section of VoNV is here.]

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