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Voodoo Doll: This time-honored magical device is used to directly harm or help the spirit of a person at great range. A witch doctor, or any other Voodoo practitioner, uses this to bolster his allies or weakening those who would conspire against them.

To create a voodoo doll, a player needs a very close personal object belonging to a person, such as a piece of their clothing. Even better, strands of hair or some other body part. He takes these pieces and creates an effigy of his target. This effigy costs 100 XP and an all-night ceremony to create. Once created, the player can cast spells or use powers through the doll to effect his target, no matter what range the target may be (although this affect does not extend to different planes). In addition, a voodoo doll may be used to cause one point of damage per round or every 12seconds(out of combat)to the person it is meant to represent. The type of damage dealt depends on what the creator of the doll does to the doll. A pin-prick deals normal physical damage to the doll's victim, burning the doll slightly with fire causes one point of fire damage/round or 12seconds, the fire is applied to the doll, and acid damage can be dealt through the doll in the same way. Finally, Blindness(as the spell effect) can be inflicted through a voodoo doll by painting over the face of the doll, in the place the eyes should be, with black ink. Though this effect can be dispelled by casting, remove curse, restoration, or any other similar spell on either the blinded character or her voodoo doll at any time. Destroying the doll stops all spell effects. The witch doctor may also scry his target using the voodoo doll. The doll lasts no longer than one year.

Faint Divination; CL5; Craft Primitive Item, clairaudience/clairvoyance; 100 XP.

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