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Volmyr Alloy[edit]

How such a material came to be is unknown. The alloy is both a physical and spiritual material being able to affect any foe and block any blow no matter the source. Due to this, it can enhance magical, ki, and psychic effects on equipment made from it. Fragments have been found in areas of catastrophic destruction. These areas will always predate any civilization on the world and can be found across many worlds in the multiverse leaving some to speculate that they are shards of weapons and armor from interdimensional wars but who or what wielded such powerful alloys and their motives were remain unclear.

The metal is a very dark gray with a faded purple hue to it but gleams like amethyst when polished sufficiently by tools that a wish spell was used on specifically to polish this material.

All Items

-Any supernatural effect on objects made from volmyr alloy received by an enhancement bonus is doubled magic or otherwise (a +1 volmyr alloy sword will have +2 to hit and damage and have +4 hardness and +20 HP instead of the usual +2 hardness and +10 HP).

-Has fast healing 10 so long as all pieces are together (it can not regenerate missing sections) but only parts made of volmyr alloy. Other parts of an object will not heal.

-Volmyr alloy is immune to all forms of energy damage from non-epic sources and is immune to rust and like effects

-Volmyr can only be shaped after using a wish spell per pound of the material being molded (caster level check vs. volmyr alloy DC 55)

-Items made of primarily volmyr alloy weigh 5X as much as steel of the same volume but is so durable that items that use it for support only have their weight reduced to 75% the original (this only applies to sufficiently large objects meant to take burdens like weapons, armor, and walls) and triple their HP but will not give any other benefit.

-Items made of volmyr cost 10X more to enchant than normal but also retain their effects (so long as they are touch or contact-based including resistances and damage reduction) in an anti-magic field for 2d6 rounds though the effects are halved


-All weapons have their base damage increased damage. +4 if light; +8 if one-handed; +12 if two-handed; +1 damage if small-sized (doubled every size category thereafter with medium getting +2, large getting +4, huge getting +8, gargantuan getting +16, and colossal getting +32) with this damage increased by half again if two-handed

-All weapons ignore hardness less than half it's own

-All weapons ignore all DR with conditions (DR/magic, DR/silver, DR/good, etc.) and bypass up to DR30/- (if a creature had DR35/-, all but DR/5- is bypassed)



Crystal Enhancements


Volmyr Alloy has 520 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 100.

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Weapon Cost Hardness hp
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