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Void Gods[edit]

Void Gods were once powerful gods that roamed the planes. These hollow shells come to existence with a single goal. Take back their place in the pantheon of known gods or be by their side. Their existence is defined by the wishes of the many, they try to fill a void in beliefs that the current gods can't fill. Void Gods must nonetheless reach a certain degree of power before attending godhood. To rule them they must understand them, that is why Void Gods roam the planes in search for power and worshippers.


Void Gods adapt their personalities around those around them. They want to be believed in and remembered. May it be either by fear or admiration. After all, they remember vividly the pain of disappearing and be forgotten from existance.

Physical Description[edit]

Void Gods are born in any way they want. Using any other race as a template for their physical form. They are usually humanoid sized or medium sized beasts. At the Dm discretion.


Void Gods will try to have as many followers as possible. Fiends or angels don't matter as long as they can be their worshippers.


Any. They will choose it themselves.


Everywhere they can find followers.


Never, they will not believe in a religion from another god as it would make them inferior to them thus threatening their existances.


They learn very fast and will assimilate instantly the most spoken language in the area they will be reborn in.


They are born with their name as their first thought. They will never speak it as it can be used to call miracles and take control of the Void Gods. Instead, they will be called what the mortals will call them.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +1 in every stats: Every 4th level, Void Gods can put 2 points instead of one in two different stats. This is due to their nature to ascend to godhood.
  • Outsider (God).
  • Medium.
  • Darkvision 120ft.
  • Devoid of Mortal Needs(Ex): Void Gods don't need to breathe, eat or sleep. They are beings that need to be believed in to survive.
  • Banished from Existence(Sp): For every HD the Void Gods have per day, they can shift to the etheral world. Moving as they please. However, when they comes back, for every hour spent in this world reduce their's follower count as they forget about them. They suffers a temporary penality on all their stats equal to the number of hours spent there. Their stats can't go lower than 3 and it takes the same time to recover completely as the time they stayed in the etheral world divided by five. They don't get any penalty when they reach epic levels.
  • Divine spellcasting(Sp): At 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th HD, Void Gods choose a cleric domains that they will embody. They can cast these spells using the cleric spell per days table and use the benefits from the domain. As they can't cast other spells than their domain spells, they combine the normal spell amount to the domain spell on this table. Using their wisdom to cast spells.
  • Unreadable-mind(Ex): No one knows gods will, so is true for the Void Gods. They gain +1/HD on their saving throw against mind affecting effects and spells. They are immune to it at 20HD.
  • Godly Skills(Ex): Void Gods are very good at anything they do. Each level, they gain 2 more skill points.
  • As they are meant to become(Su): Once every month, if a Void God would be affected by anything(Spell, Damage, etc) that would render it unconscious or dead and it still has a use of Etheralness, one can used to become etheral instead and keeping him alive. A Void God is trapped inside the etheral world until its Hp goes back to 1. A Void God heals for 5Hp/Day in this world. When it comes back, it suffers the same penality as the Banished from Existance.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Void Gods are not affected by aging. They have the gender they want to appear to be.

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