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Vivus Thraecius Lux[edit]

Design Note: WARNING: the following information contains my personal headcanon regarding the world of Steven Universe.

Nicknamed the "Gem" race for their resemblance to mundane gemstones on the Material plane. They are beings made of two components, a physical gemstone housing their personality and consciousness, and a body composed of hard light which protects it.

Physical Description[edit]

The Vivus Thraecius Lux, or “Gem” race, named so for their resemblance to mundane gemstones on the Material plane, are beings made of two components, a physical gemstone housing their personality and consciousness, and a body composed of hard light to protect it. Gems are capable of moulding their form, shifting it into any form of their preference, though this is incredibly strenuous and can often result in physical harm. Gems possess an innate ability to summon a weapon from their gemstone and are able to channel magic through it.



Gem society on 'Homeworld' is caste-based, you are created as a type of gem with an assigned role and rank and cannot leave your caste no matter what you do. Gems are ruled by the Diamond Authority, constructed of three (formerly four) powerful gems of an exceptionally rare variety called diamonds, White Diamond, the oldest of the four known diamonds is in charge of coordinating between the other diamonds and organising Homeworld as a whole. Blue Diamond is the second oldest diamond and is in charge research and development of the tools and weapons used by gems. Yellow Diamond is the youngest living diamond and in charge of coordinating warfare. Pink Diamond was the youngest of the diamonds and was in charge of colonisation and diplomacy with other races. Gems are a heavily colony and warfare focused race and as a result the higher ranks are filled with the best fighters and tacticians.

Vivus Thraecius Lux Names[edit]

Gems traditionally refer to themselves as their type with a cut and facet code, or if only one of a type of gem is working in a solar system, they will refer to themselves using the name of the solar system along with their gem variety or if living long term with other races will sometimes take up a name from the race they live with.

Vivus Thraecius Lux Traits[edit]

Nicknamed the "Gem" race, these creatures have both a gem containing their personality and a protective body made of light
Ability Score Increase. Your con score increases by 1 as Gems can naturally adapt to their environment
Age. Gems do not age
Alignment. Gems lean towards lawful alignments, due to the highly structured routine of Gem life
Size. Gems are for the most part Medium, but can vary widely into Small and Large
Speed. Your speed is determined by your subrace
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Hard Light Projection. Your gemstone projects a body of hard light around it, easily modifiable on a temporary basis, allowing you to change the appearance of your form and appearance for up to an hour once per short rest, you can change your clothes to mimic that of any outfit, (including armour, but you do not gain the armour class bonus from doing so), and become a size category larger or smaller than your base size (if medium, you can become small or large), with all of the benefits and drawbacks that come with that. When you are reduced to 0 hit points, your hard light projection recedes into your gemstone (which is considered to be a Tiny object with 10 + your character level + your constitution hitpoints), if your gemstone is destroyed, you are considered to be dead, but your gemstone can be repaired and you brought back to life with a resurrection spell with a successful DC 20 Arcana check or a true resurrection spell with a successful DC 15 Arcana check.
Gem Weaponry. Gems are able to summon a unique weapon as a bonus action, this weapon is often similar to the wielder's physical appearance, constructed of hard light and if removed from the grip of the summoner for multiple seconds or broken the weapon vanishes and can be re-summoned again in perfect condition. This weapon can be any Simple or Martial Melee or Ranged weapon, ranged weapons do not require ammo, but still must be reloaded, and up to five identical thrown weapons can be summoned at a time, provided they are one-handed, you are considered to be proficient with your summon weapon, but not with other weapons of the same type. A gem can augment their weapon to be equivalent to a magic weapon that they find, but only after wielding it for a week. After a week of wielding has happened, the magic weapon disappears and gives its magical attributes to the Gem weapon. The Gem weapon wielded by a Gem Fusion is a combination of the component Gem's weapons and requires two hands to wield, with the damage of their component Gem's weapons added together.
Fusion(only available at level 3). One of the most powerful and intimate things that two gems can do. It is possible for two gems to fuse if on one of the component Gem's turn they instigate a fusion dance. As a bonus action on your turn with a Gem within 10 feet, both of you do a performance check. If both checks are a 12 or above, the two gems merge into a being that is one size larger than the largest component gem(Small+Medium=Large, Medium+Medium=Large Medium+Large=Huge, etc.) whose stats are equal to the addition of both Gem's ability score bonuses to a maximum of +5(ex: One with 15 in Dex and another with 12, the fusion has +3, or a 16) and has a number of hit points equal to the combined total. Any effects like mage armor or curses do not apply to the fusion and resume after they defuse. All equipment aside from Arcane Foci, Holy Symbols, and Gem Weapons are absorbed and do not apply to the fusion's statistics. Since armor doesn't fit them, it's AC is equal to 10 + Dexterity + Constitution. Movement speed equals the average of the two gems plus an additional 10 feet(if only one has flying/swimming speed, they retain the same swimming/flying speed + 10 feet). They roll initiative as if a new character joined the battle after the Gems fuse. On the Fusion's turns, whenever it takes an action, it can do two traditional actions and one bonus action(ex:two spells, one attack and one spell, dash and attack, etc.). However, if the fusion has multi attack as a result of one of their component gems, they can only use multi-attack on its turn once and perform one other action. The fusion normally only lasts a number of turns equal to the lowest Gem's proficiency bonus(ex: for two level 4 characters, it can only last two turns), after the last turn, it's possible to retain the fusion by both performing a Charisma saving throw of 14(increases by 3 each consecutive turns). You may also defuse as a bonus action. After defusing, you gain a single level of exhaustion. For every extra turn you spend fused above your limit, you gain an additional level of exhaustion.
Body Augments(only available at level 3). Gems that are more in line with Homeworld traditions or simply don't like fusion can instead mold their hardlight body to augment their abilities or simply change their bodies. This allows a Gem to add a number of points to their ability scores equal to their proficiency bonus(ex: A level 6 can add +2 to one stat and +1 to another). These changes must be done over the course of 5 minutes and the changes last for two hours. Amethysts can do this change over two minutes and lasts up to eight hours. Any changes that don't directly affect their ability scores and are purely aesthetic can last as long as the Gem remains conscious.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.
Subrace. You must choose from the Subraces below


You are a Sapphire, the tacticians and diplomats of the Gems, you are gifted with the power of Future Vision, the ability to lower the temperature of your surroundings and a natural aptitude at dealing with others. Sapphires are generally short and their weapons are usually defensive in nature, normally being gauntlets or shields.
Ability Score Increase. +2 wis or +2 int
Speed. Due to your lack of mobility, you only have a speed of 25ft
Future Vision. You are capable of minor timeline manipulating abilities, as a result during a long or short rest, you can ask the DM to roll a d20 and tell you the result, you can replace a roll with this result but must take a short rest before you can do so again. You may also sacrifice a hit die to foretell the future, you can ask the DM to tell you of the contents of an encounter (including the monsters, hazards or NPCs involved) up to 24 hours into the future, you can only do this once per short rest.
Freezing Aura. As a bonus action you can enable or disable a circular aura with a radius of 20ft around you which forces any creature (including allies) that enters or ends its turn within your range to make a constitution saving throw (DC 5 + Character Level + Intelligence Modifier) or take 1d4 cold damage and have their speed reduced by 5ft once per turn
Natural Diplomat. You gain proficiency with Insight, Persuasion or Deception and half your proficiency bonus to any check used in diplomacy


You are a Pearl, the servant race of the Gems, whether you reject or accept that role you bear traits as a result of your history and design. you are charismatic and dexterous, skilled at performing, capable of storing objects in your gem and blending into a crowd with ease. Pearls are generally tall and slender with feminine features, and their weapons are often elegant spears and thin, light swords, such as rapiers.
Ability Score Increase. Pearls are built to consume fewer resources, but as a result are more fragile than most gems, though they are dexterous and charismatic -1 con, +2 cha, +1 dex
Speed. As a result of your minuscule weight and quick-footedness you have a speed of 40ft.
Servant Role. Pearls are generally required to entertain guests and assist with minor tasks, such as carrying objects, running messages and errands and taking notes, as a result, Pearls gain proficiency with Performance, a musical instrument of your choice and gain a non-damaging Bard cantrip of your choice. Pearls can blend easily into the background of crowds due to their experience as servants, you have advantage on stealth checks when in a room with several people within it (eg. in a party or a crowded street.)
Gem Storage. Pearls are capable of storing items in their gemstones and retrieving them when required, as a result you can carry an additional 50 units of weight, and can designate up to 50 units of weight worth of items that you can draw or stow as a bonus action.


You are a Ruby, a dark red common foot soldier/guardian gem that often enjoy the heat of battle. They are strong and intimidating despite often being short in stature. What they lack in social ability they make up for in sheer will and determination. Being short yet sturdy often lets their opponents underestimate the strength they wield. Their gem weapons tend to be blunt like hammers, maces, or gauntlets.
Ability Score Increase. Rubies are built for battle, so they are often stronger and sturdier than most other gems +1 str, +1 con
Speed. Despite often having stubby legs, they can move them fast enough to catch up with their enemies. Your speed is 30ft.
Lavaproof. Rubies are fiery by nature, so flames do little harm. You have resistance to Fire damage.
Hotheaded. Rubies have the ability to heat up any weapon or armor that they hold. On your turn as a bonus action you can heat up your weapon, body, or armor for which lasts until the beginning of your next turn. If you heat your weapon, it does an extra 1d6(2d6 at level 5, 3d6 at level 11, and 4d6 at level 17) fire damage on hit. If you heat your armor/body, when an enemy hits you with an unarmed attack(claws, fangs, fists), they receive 1d4(2d4 at level 4, 3d4 at level 9, 4d4 at level 13, and 5d4 at level 17) fire damage. You can use this ability a number of times equal to a fourth your character level + 1(rounded up, minimum once).

Amethyst Quartz[edit]

You are an Amethyst Quartz, a variety of Quartz soldier that is more flexible in and out of combat. Most Amethyst are non conventional in combat, preferring to use their maneuverability over raw strength. Often more cunning and stealthy than other varieties of quartz, their gem weapons tend to match their battle style. Flails, whips, and short swords are their preferred weapons of mayhem.
Ability Score Increase. Being flexible by nature, they tend to move around others easily, and gain +2 dex
Speed. Nimble and quick, their movement speed is 35ft
Enhanced Digestion and Immunity. An odd quirk of their hardiness, Amethysts have an incredibly strong digestion that can make their eating habits rather unconventional. They are immune to being poisoned by food or drink that they ingest. Their body is similarly resilient to poisoning and is resistant to Poison damage and can't be poisoned.
Malleable Form. You have greater control over how you can bend your hard light projection. You can modify your appearance three times per short rest and can last for up to 3 hours. After 90 minutes they have to concentrate on keeping their form every 5 minutes. If they fail a Constitution save of 10, they revert to their standard appearance. The save increases by 1 every 10 minutes.

Jasper Quartz[edit]

You are a Jasper Quartz, one of the physically strongest gems. Your stocky build and military style craft makes you a perfect weapon. All shall bow before you or be swiftly crushed by your hardened fists. The scowl carved into your face makes all enemies unable to question who is truly the strongest being alive. Jaspers generally wield weapons of glory such as longswords and battleaxes.
Ability Score Increase. Your perfected body is the strongest around. +2 to str
Speed. Your musclebound body is able to grant you a movement speed of 30ft.
Chiseled Scowl. Your face is off putting and terrifying to most enemies you cross. You have advantage on Intimidation checks, but disadvantage on Persuasion checks
Perfect Weapon. You do not have to acknowledge the one handed/heavy limits to your gem weapon. Your gem weapon is also able to grow stronger alongside you. At level 7, it gains the properties of a +1 version of the weapon and counts as magical. It grows to +2 and +3 abilities at levels 11 and 15 respectively.
Comet Charge. After killing an enemy, your gain +15 feet walking movement speed for one round. You can only use this feature once per round.

Rose Quartz[edit]

You are a Rose Quartz, an experimental gem that was built to act as a healer amidst the thralls of combat. Most Rose Quartz haven't seen the outside world since soon after they were made, a rebellion on a certain colony was started by a Rose Quartz so most of them were contained to avoid another rebellion on Homeworld. The few who do remain are often left on other worlds that were abandoned. Most Rose Quartz don't have offensive weapons, instead they usually are equipped with a simple shield that they can use as a weapon.
Ability Score Increase. Roses are often kind and wise individuals, though some have been shown to be good leaders. +2 Wisdom or +2 Charisma
Speed. Your longer legs yet slightly bulkier body gives you no distinct movement. Your movement speed is 30ft.
Herbakinesis. You innately are able to cast the cantrip thorn whip without materials. You also can cast entangle and plant growth once per long rest without materials at levels 2 and 7 respectively. Use wis or cha for spell casting, whichever is higher.
Shield Master. You are proficient with shields. You also can bash enemies with you shield as a weapon doing 1d8+Strength bludgeoning damage. You can also toss your shield at a range of 20/60 feet and do the same damage. When thrown it can bounce off of enemies and hit a number of enemies within 10 feet of each other equal to 1+1/4 your character level (minimum of 1) before it shatters. The damage for this bouncing is 1d8 Bludgeoning and must roll for each hit after the first. If it fails to hit an enemy, the shield drops and shatters.
Descent Regulation. When you would normally receive fall damage, you can slow your descent to naturally avoid fall damage.

Lapis Lazuli[edit]

You are a Lapis Lazuli, a rare breed of gem that is made to deliver messages across worlds or even the very cosmos. A wise individual who spends time deep in emotional and physical contemplation. The rise and fall of the seas is the sight that pleases you the most across the stars. Lapis Lazuli rarely use weapons, often relying on their inherent hydromency, but those that do have weapons often have small elegant ones like sickles or scimitars.
Ability Score Increase. Lapis aren't physically durable, but are likely the wisest of the gems and fluid like in motion. -1 con, +1 dex, +2 wis.
Speed. Water is your friend, but land doesn't bother you. Swimming and walking speed of 30ft.
Hydrokinesis. You can cast the Shape Water Cantrip without materials. Additionally at levels 2 and 7 you can cast create or destroy water and wall of water without materials once per long rest.
Frosty Endurance. Your body is able to withstand the cold effectively in and out of water, you are resistant to cold damage.
Water Wings. After reaching level 10, you have mastered shaping water to where you can make wings that enable flight. As a bonus action, you can summon wings made of liquid. You gain a flying speed equal to half your level * 5 feet while your wings are active. The wings appear on your back but do not require special armor modifications to spread them.


You are a Peridot, a gem built to work Kindergartens and other technological facets of Gem society. Peridots don't often rely on their natural abilities, instead relying on their intelligence and innate craftiness to avoid direct confrontation. They are able to easily learn about the magic around them and sometimes learn how to cast a few spells overtime. Peridots don't often have gem weapons or if they do they don't use them.
Ability Score Increase. You are the smartest gem around, +2 int.
Speed. Your legs are standard length, 30ft movement speed.
Magical Manipulation. You are innately able to cast the vicious mockery cantrip using your sharp tongue. At Level 3 you can cast one level one Wizard spell of your choice without materials and at level 8 you can use a level 2 Wizard spell without materials once per long rest. Your spellcasting ability is Intelligence.
Arcane Perception. Being an intellectual who is well versed in technology, magic does little to fool you. You are proficient in the Arcana skill and have advantage on trying to see through illusions.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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