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The Visionary comes as a class that can highly impact the change of the campaign so you should consult your master before using it, this class will be focused on an individual with abnormal intelligence skills in the area of ​​technology where he starts without any magic or tricks having only if the player catches a race that provides some trick or initial magic, it is totally dependent on its technology, however for its versatility and difficulty it can transform the class into one of the strongest of the campaign since it will be able to enjoy diverse apparatuses creations, the character and bearer of an unusual intelligence far greater than that of a prodigy, keep in mind that this character will have technology more advanced than the time of D&D and more advanced than the 16th century being something mixed with D&D mixed with technology that could be from the XXX century.

<Introdução-ao-Visionário ->[edit]

Creating --Visionário--[edit]

thumb-1920-651953.png from Add-Elsword

Quick Build

You can make a Visionário quickly by following these suggestions. First, intelligence should be your highest ability score, followed by wisdom or force se você escolher o caminho do Antropoide. Second, choose the <background> ACADEMIC CLAIM . Third, choose Smith Tools and Dungeoneer's Pack.

Class Features

As a Visionário you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d6 per Visionário level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d6 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d6 (or 4) + Constitution modifier per Visionário level after 1st


Armor: All armor
Weapons: Simple weapons
Tools: blacksmith's tools, alchemist's supplies, carpenter's tools, woodcarver's tools
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: choose three from Arcana, History Nature, Insight, Perception or Survival.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • <
  • (a) Explorer's Pack or (b) Dungeoneer's Pack
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 10d4 x 10 gp in funds.

Table: The Visionário

Level Proficiency
1st +2 Inevitable Evolution, Building
2nd +2 Advanced Brain Development
3rd +2 Sharp mind, Logical thinking, Hyperfocus
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3
6th +3
7th +3
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4
10th +4
11th +4
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5
14th +5
15th +5
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6
18th +6
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6

Inevitable Evolution[edit]

At 1st level, you know you have to evolve and move forward to make the most inevitable imagination about technology come true, you start preparing to evolve by building the beginning to advance, you know you need the means to evolve technologically and evolve as individual you can build basic things to develop technologically, but remembering that everything you build needs resources and needs to have a success rate to happen, remembering that the visionary becomes specialist in building as the campaign progresses.

Building: To be able to build something successfully, you need to go through a CD that the object or the advance has to build, to assist in this construction, enter D20 + Int. + Proficiency, if you pass you will be successful in building, but the less data you take from the CD the worse the quality item will be and the easier it will be for the item to break during or when used.

Low quality: When the -1 of the CD you got worse and the quality of the item and more chances are likely to spoil, break down, explode among other problems that the master wants to insert, the chance when it will occur a problem or when there is a problem the master will choose based on how much negative data you have taken from the technology CD.

Even the best misses: When it takes negative data from the CD, the smaller the data taken, the longer it will take to build.

Time to evolve: Items and evolutions will have levels and the higher the level of evolution or the object the longer it will take to build according to the level, the levels and the time will be shown in the construction table .

Technology Resource Level Time CD to build
Basic technology kit 1 iron alloy, 1 silver alloy, 1 gold alloy 1 2h CD 13
Furnace v1 4 Iron alloy, clay 20g, 1 silver alloy 1 4h CD 13
Basic CPU 1 iron alloy, 1 bronze alloy, 1 gold alloy 2 5h CD13
Fragmentation grenade Gunpowder 200g, and 1 iron alloy. 1 2h CD 11
Improved pick 50g of gunpowder, 1 iron alloy, 1 silver alloy. 1 2h CD 12
Metal detector 1 Iron alloy, copper lines 2m 1 4h CD 13
Simple battery 10ml of acid, 1 copper alloy and 1 of iron alloy. 2 4h CD 13
  1. What each technology does:
  • Basic technology kit: Welding tools, precision tools and connections using electricity.
  • Basic CPU: Develops a CPU with basic programming language, and basic programming to program simple systems such as temperature gauge, weight gauge, size gauge and others with simple interface.
  • Furnace v1: Version 1 of the furnace that will be used to forge the items, it will need a CPU and battery to function to reach the desired temperature and control the size of the objects that are forged inside it as it molds. and its height.
  • Simple battery: The battery built with the technology kit can last for small objects 6 direct days, for medium objects 3 direct days and for large objects 1 full day. The battery can be recharged.
  • Metal detector: Used to track metals below the ground up to 10m deep, and 2 meters in circumference, requires a battery to function.
  • Improved pickaxe: A pickaxe with digging power equivalent to 2 strong men, has a device that is activated by activating the powder giving speed and strength to mine a more resistant ore, it can be activated 10 times after it has to refill with 50g of gunpowder.
  • Fragmentation grenade: Grenade: create 4 Fragmentation grenade for use and can be thrown up to 12 meters, in addition and attack at a distance with a disadvantage, performs 6d6 piercing damage in the 1.5m radius, after that within 4.5m the damage and 4d6 of piercing damage and in 6m 2d6, and if there is something between the attack radius it suffers the damage and if it is a large or larger creature suffers + 1d4 piercing, because of its size it is easier to receive shrapnel from the grenade. In case of half coverage half the damage and full coverage and total protection from the damage.You can use only 1 granade for Action.
  • Level 2 earns you brain development ability.

Constructions from nv2[edit]

Technology Resource Level Time CD to build
Stick Project Piece of wood, 1 iron alloy. 1 2h 12
Slingshot project Rope, piece of wood, 1 iron alloy 1 2h 11
Technology parts 1 iron alloy, 1 Silver alloy, 1 Gold alloy. 2 2h 13
Armor Design 2 iron alloy, 1 bronze alloy. 1 4h 14
  1. What each technology does:
  • Staff design: A simple staff made simply to be able to resist for a long time and to be able to make physical attacks against enemies causes the damage of a common staff.
  • Slingshot design: A simple slingshot performs agile, throws, deals 1d4 damage from a distance.
  • Technology Parts: Using the basic Technology kit you start to build parts that can be used for equipment and technological improvements.
  • Armor design: Using the furnace v1 you can produce an average armor that increases CA +2.

Sharp mind[edit]

  • 'Logical thinking:' At level 3 you can use it as a reaction to take advantage of a charisma test, since your character uses logic and wisdom much more than emotions in his life, making him resistant to emotions that can hinder your progress, you can use it once a day after a long rest, at level 10 you can use it twice a day, level 15 you can use it 3 times a day.
  • 'Hyperfocus:' At level 3 you can use this ability on something you are working on making your character forget about needs like hunger, thirst and sleep during what he is producing, this ability when used on something that takes time more than 3h increases your success rate by +3, however, if you spend more than 8h using this skill you gain 2 points of exhaustion automatically.

Ability Score Improvement[edit]

  • 'Advanced Brain Development:' At level 2 you gain +1 intelligence increasing the maximum to 21 intelligence, you can now also build more things; level 5 you gain +1 intelligence increasing to a maximum of 22; level 12 you gain +1 more intelligence increasing the maximum to 23; level 15 you gain +1 more intelligence increasing the maximum to 24.

Class Feature[edit]

'* Brain advancement:' To advance in various areas of life and ask about them you must stay 8h in an isolated place doing studies and experiments, this will make your character start to question and try to understand about several things like phenomena happen, because they happen among several other factors making you understand about different areas. You will need sheets and something to write and some metals and items for experiments ask the master where you can do this most easily or when you can do it, as soon as you perform brain advancement 5 times completing 8 hours each (during the as long as you want days) you gain the 'Small steps to technology.'

  • 'Small steps for technology:' You start to understand better about performance, aerodynamics, structure, material constitution, absorption, weight, technical design, analytical geometry, calculation, physics, chemistry, materials science, statistics, systems Structural, thermal comfort, geotechnics, geology, ergonomics, transformation of matter, reactions of matter, composition and chemical properties, reduction, combustion, oxidation, among other factors involving development and construction, thus being able to build technologies up to level 5.

Paths of intelligence[edit]

  • Level 5 you can choose which path in Visionario's technology you will choose, influencing what you will focus on.
  • Paths of the Visionary:
  1. Anthropoid Path: You notice that the path to advance in life and climb natural selection evolve not only mentally, but physically focusing on technology to improve your organism and even change your DNA, wishing to become the primordial and perfect as it should be. [1]
  2. Tecnomancer: Feeling pain, getting hurt, being beaten no longer pleases developing devices using technology at the level that you no longer need to be present on the battlefield to be able to destroy everyone with a few gestures and commands, and achieve to have greater control on the battlefield than any being has ever imagined.[2]
  3. Master of the future: You realize that biologically evolving is necessary to move up the hierarchy of life, but evolving technology to the point that it also serves and is convenient for you to achieve the balance between a body adapted to adverse situations and technology serving you the way you can change the world by making Gods question your creation.[3]

Technology advance.[edit]

  • Level 6 You start to develop mechanisms that can use energy
  • Energy: Now you start to gain energy spaces, energy spaces work as energy spaces for you to use energy-consuming skills, however, they only recharge if you recharge the energy core, you will be able to develop your energy core and each energy core has energy spaces, the better your larger nucleus will be the energy spaces and the greater the versatility and power of the attacks.
Technology Resource Level Time CD to build
Core Simple battery, Furnace v2, 1 Gold alloy,2 Iron alloy, 1 Silver alloy , Technology parts 5 6h CD 16
Furnace V2 6 Iron alloy, 2 Gold alloy, CPU 2 4 24h CD 14
CPU 2 Technology parts, 2 Iron alloy, 1 Gold alloy 5 4h CD15
Steel Furnace V2, 2 Iron alloy, 1 Copper alloy and 1 KG of coal, put the amount you want to produce steel 1 2h CD 11
Steel armor design Furnace v2, 2 of steel alloy 3 1h CD 13
Electric baton Furnace v2, 1 iron alloy, 1 steel alloy, core, pieces of technology. 3 1h CD 14
Technological glasses project Furnace v2, 100g of sand, technological pieces, 1 iron alloy, CPU 2. 5 1h CD 15
Technological sling project Furnace V2, 1 steel alloy, 1 iron alloy, core. 4 2h CD 14
Technological glove design Leather tanner's workshop, Furnace v2, 1m of leather, 1 iron alloy, core, pieces of technology. 4 2h CD 14
Power charger Furnace V2, Technology parts, 2 Steel alloy. 5 5h CD 14
Energy Feeder Furnace V2, Technology parts, 2 iron alloy, 1 steel alloy, 1 steel alloy. 3 2h CD 13
Adapted boot Leather tanner's workshop, 2 pieces of leather, pieces of technology. 4 2h CD 13
Construction backpack project CPU V2, Furnace V2, Technology Parts, 1 Iron alloy, 1 Steel alloy, 1 Gold alloy, Core, Basic technology kit. 5 6h CD 16
Sound Alarm V2 CPU, 1 iron alloy, 1 gold alloy. 4 4h CD 12
Digger Furnace V2, CPU V2, single monitor, 5 Steel alloy, 2 Copper alloy. 5 6h CD 15
Detection leisure Furnace V2, Glass, 1 Iron alloy, 1 copper alloy. 4 2h CD 13
Scheduled explosive V2 furnace, 10m rope or wire, 50g Gunpowder, 1 iron alloy. 5 2h CD 13
Simple wagon adapter Furnace V2, Mercenary Workshop, 2 of Iron alloy, Technology Parts. 4 8h CD 16
Simple monitor Furnace V2, 400g of sand. 4 2h CD 13
Simple camera Furnace V2, 40g of sand, Technology Parts, Basic technology kit. 4 1h CD 12
Adaptive tool Furnace V2, 4 of steel alloy. 3 1h CD 11
Sound device Furnace V2, 1 steel alloy, technological parts, Technology kit. 5 4h CD 13
Hook pitcher Furnace V2, CPU V2, Technology kit, Technology parts, 2 iron alloy, 35m of rope. 5 5h CD 14
Leather Tanner's Workshop Furnace V2, Technological parts, 1 steel alloy 5 4h CD 13
Joinery workshop Furnace V2, Technological parts, 1 steel alloy. 5 4h CD 13
  1. O que cada tecnologia faz:
  • Core: It has the capacity to store loads of energy, with this simple core you are able to store 5 loads of energy to use technology skills, when the energy runs out it doesn’t come back, however, the core can be rechargeable with charging pain energy, it takes 2 hours to charge 2 charges and 4 hours to recharge the 5 charges, using energy charges does not take action.
  • Furnace V2: It doesn't have to be a continuous process to build it, you can build it as long as you like, but it must complete 24 hours to build it. A furnace better adapted with many more shapes and mechanisms to develop and shape metals in a variety of ways.
  • CPU 2: A CPU with much more processing power now with greater capacity for uses and programming, which can be used to program and develop software, among other features.
  • Steel: You crate 4 Steel alloy a metal alloy formed mainly of iron, has a greater application than iron itself and can be used to produce other alloys. Steel is a metal alloy
  • Steel armor design: Heavy armor using steel gaining +3 AC.
  • Electric baton: A wand with its damage energy and a common wand, however, when you use a charge of energy you deal 2d12 of electrical damage, it takes no action to use energy.
  • Technological eyepiece design: You develop an eyeglass that has several lenses for several different functions to see things from afar or up close, or to highlight specific colors, while equipped you gain +2 in perception in tests that use vision , and as you can clearly see even the smallest pieces, your time to build decreases by 2 hours and you get +2 more on the CD to build.
  • Technological slingshot project: A slingshot project with greater power to throw and damage up to 36 meters, its ammunition can be stones or balls of any metal among other throwable things, the damage with stones gives 1d8 of damage, using metal balls o damage goes to 1d12.
  • Technological slingshot project: A slingshot project with greater power to throw and damage up to 36 meters, its ammunition can be stones or balls of any metal among other throwable things, the damage with stones gives 1d8 of damage, using metal balls o damage goes to 1d12.
  • Technological glove design: A glove that already has technological components helping the wearer to carry extremely hot and cold things, in addition to accompanying the nervous wrists that are directed to the hand helping to carry out work with the hand with greater dexterity and speed, she it can also electrify things using energy charges, it can also magnetize metals by attracting or retaining them without expending energy charges, however, if the object is medium in size it starts to expend energy charges, in case of a critical situation the user can use as reaction generates an energy shield that deflects projectiles and increases the CA +2 during that round that consumes 3 charges, if the user goes to attack with the gloves he can spend a charge of energy to give 1d8 of electrical damage.
  • Energy charger: Simply a base with several adaptable ways to charge the energy of the technologies, small energy storage it loads in 4h, medium energy storage it loads in 8h, large energy storage it loads in 24h.
  • Energy Feeder: A feeder that at the user's request can be wind energy or hydraulic energy, compressed air in a cave, molten salt to store the sun's rays, two lakes and a large hill, natural gas, solar, geothermal and Maritime that after being built at the user's desire and coupled to the Power Charger.
  • Adapted boot: A boot adapted to bring comfort to the user and make him manage to make difficult terrain become normal terrain for those who are using it, thanks to the technology implemented in it, he is able to cushion falls of up to 6 meters and is able to propel the user to walk another 1.5 meters.
  • Construction backpack design: A backpack with several internal arms and mechanisms, this backpack can carry and organize small and medium objects inside it, but its main function is to be able to assist the Visionary in buildings that do not need forge, he can program with instructions so that she can prepare items, substances, tools among other functions that is small or medium size this construction or production only needs to put the resources inside it and program for what you want it to be producing during its journey, it can break if fall from a very high height or take an attack that damages it, like a machine it does not need a CD to create.
  • Sound Alarm: A small, circular utensil that can emit a high-pitched sound with a range of 80 meters.
  • Digger: An excavator with a sensor that you can program to dig and extract ores and resources that you want, it reaches up to 280 meters deep with the capacity to capture up to 1 ton of the desired ore or resource, remembering that it will only be able to extracting ore if in the area, it uses a large energy load.
  • Detection leisure: A leisure with a range of up to 36m, it can be used for various purposes that involves something going through it and triggering a device, mechanism, among other factors.
  • Programmed explosive: An explosive can be programmed to explode or be activated by a 9 meter radius device, with 10d10 explosion damage.
  • Adapter of wagon or simple boat: With this adapter he manages to make several improvements in the wagon involving better and more resistant wheels that makes him able to run much better, his systems between the wheels also improve, increases the wagon to be able to hold much more weight , if you want the Furnace V2 can be adapted to be carried by the cart, improves the interior to make it more comfortable to avoid bumps and to be able to make long rests inside the cart, it can also adapt to place cameras, sound device, audible alarm, detection leisure among other factors to protect the cart. With the boat all these improvements can be made including also coupling a Leather Tanner workshop and a Carpentry workshop.
  • Simple monitor: A low resolution monitor that can see color images that can be passed to it.
  • Simple camera: A low resolution camera that can record and transmit what you are filming.
  • Adaptive tool: A small stick that can attach several fittings to it for adverse purposes, it can also heat its tip to weld parts, it can also save a part of the air to use the compressed air to hit things with force up to 300KG, it also helps in the mercenary and in the construction of other technologies, in the absence of an item necessary to build the technology, the adaptive tool can replace to build, however, it gains a disadvantage in -4 in the construction DC.
  • Sound Device: A device that can be used to record and reproduce sounds, can be used to deceive or to reproduce specific sounds, can record up to 10 minutes of audio and can be played for 4 hours without stopping the same audio in a loop.
  • Hook thrower: With a small tank of compressed air he can throw a hook that can reach up to 36 meters in range, the hook goes closed and when it stops or hits something it opens all the way to get stuck, with a button it stops closes again.
  • Leather Tanner's Workshop: Can adapt leather for different purposes and manners to the user's desire.
  • Joinery workshop: Can adapt the wood placed in different purposes and ways to the user's desire.

Enemy mind[edit]

At Level 7 you start to develop a fear for things that can happen if you are not prepared, this can hinder you in several situations since you are afraid of something that could ruin your plans for evolution or possibly something that could kill you, As a result, you develop paranoia, among other factors that accompany it.

  • Paranoia: You start having difficulties in trusting people at first, making you have a disadvantage in tests of intuition related to people, you also start to be afraid that you may lose the progress you have acquired along your journey so at least 1 hour per day you have to produce something or write somewhere ideas and knowledge that you can use in the future.
  • Insanity: People or means that hinder the Visionary naturally come into focus as a potential enemy, making the Visionary study him and see his behavior and study him to understand what pattern this character has, all to know how best to eliminate that character and any ligament that involves him thus avoiding in the future, friends, family, or people connected with him to return for vengeance to hinder his development. If you don't solve the problem you're having within 2 weeks or eliminate the creature that's holding you back without taking the potion you'll develop 4 symptoms of madness symptoms until the problem is resolved.
  • In the sights of Insanity: When the Visionary starts to go insane about an individual he automatically goes into hyper focus by studying that individual, he can rest normally and eat normally, however, he will always be in hyper focus when he is close to the person who is making him insane , if the Visionary wants to develop a mechanism or technology aimed at ending what is causing him insanity he will have a +2 bonus on buildings adding to all previous bonuses and will decrease the time to build the focused technology or object by 2h in solving the problem that is bringing your insanity.
  • Evolution in the sights of Insanity: There are increases in lv12 +3 in construction bonuses and less 3 hours to build; lv15 +4 building bonus and less 4h to build; lv18 +4 building bonus and less 5h to build.
  • Ecstasy of Madness: If you are more than 5 days in insanity your character starts to have shaking hands giving disadvantage in tests of dexterity that involves the arms, and your passive perception decreases by -7 because you are no longer able see nothing but the problem you have to solve, in addition your eyes start to glow red (if you have adapted your eyes), otherwise your eyes will be red. Since you are starting to get totally involved in what is getting in the way you temporarily gain +3 in intelligence that can exceed the maximum value of 20 if you already have it.
  • Psychopathy: If you spend 7 days in Ecstasy of Madness, your character begins to develop psychopathic traits, with a behavioral pattern and / or personality trait, characterized in part by antisocial behavior, decreased empathy / remorse capacity and low control behavioral or, on the other hand, by the presence of an attitude of excessive dominance, you during this state learn to imitate emotions, despite the inability to feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and have an extremely strong tendency to kill whoever is disturbing them or to end whatever is disturbing them.
  • Control: You know that it starts to get insane and develops several strange tendencies when something gets in your way because of that you take precautions, you can develop a potion called heaven that kills Paranoia, Insanity and psychopathy under control you don't suffer any of the symptoms previous 1d6 days after taking heaven.
  • Heaven potion: Stabilizes the Visionary avoiding all mental states that he may develop, he also keeps the character during this period of good mood and calm not being exalted in anger, fury, or other related feelings, while he is on the heaven potion people have the intimidation test at a disadvantage against you, the GM will decide which herbs the player should pick, but they should be easy to find.
Technology Resource Level Time CD to build
Heaven Herbs and a bottle to store the potion. 1 10 minutes CD 5

< Level 8>[edit]

  • Level 8 Do you think of ways to make quick and easy money in order to be able to pay for your projects and be able to move forward with your projects.

Neurons in formation and evolution[edit]

  • Level 9 You gain the Neuron Outbreak, Evolution Brain skill.

Level 9 You gain the Neuron Outbreak, Evolution Brain skill.

  • Neuron Outbreak: You start thinking at an unusual speed at which no brain is used to working, you can see everything that is happening in slow motion and you can see everything that is happening around you with clarity making it easier to think and act, as a bonus action you get 6m more walking and during that round you get +3 more AC until your next turn, this ability can only be used once after a long rest.
  • Outbreak of Neurons at lv18: You gain 9m of locomotion and +4 more in CA.
  • Brain of evolution: You can use this ability with each long rest, it allows you to speed up the speed of information that your brain can process at the same time so that you can perform several tasks at the same time, decreasing the time of any technology you are going to create in 3h, and avoid disadvantage in tests involving intelligence during 4h, if the Brain effect of evolution ends during a construction that takes longer it will apply the reduced time normally, but may suffer disadvantage in a intelligence.

Technology Advancement 2[edit]

Level 10 the Visionary begins to have glimpses of the future that awaits him, you have to study as he did in the cerebral Advance, after doing this 5 times you acquire Steps from those who change the world.

  • Steps from those who change the world: You are now able to develop technologies up to level 10.
Technology Resource Level Time CD to build
Core V2 Oven V2, Technological parts, 2 steel alloy, 1 Gold alloy, Power feeder. 8 8h CD 15
Leisure adapter Oven V2, Technological parts, 1 steel alloy. 8 2h CD 15
Combat leisure Oven V2, 300g of glass, 1 of Gold alloy, Technological parts 9 4h CD 15
CPU V3 Oven Technology parts, 1 Iron alloy, 1 Gold alloy. 7 5h CD 14
IA Oven V2, Technological parts, CPU V3, 1 steel alloy, 1 Gold alloy. 10 8h CD 16
Simple Robot FornoV2, Technology parts, Iron 4 alloy, IA, 1 Gold alloy, 1 Copper alloy. 8 12h CD 15
Technological Hand Oven Technology parts, 1 Iron alloy, 1 Gold alloy, 2 nano robot. 9 3h CD 14
Nano Robot Oven V2, Technology Parts, CPU V3, 1 Steel alloy, 1 iron alloy, 1 copper alloy, 2 copper alloy. 10 4h CD 15
Nano Robot Armor Oven V2, Technology Parts, 3 nano robot. 10 8h CD 15
Central 10 Technological parts, CPU V3, Sand 500g, 14 steel alloy, 6 iron alloy, 6 copper alloy. 7 1 Week CD 15
The great mother Central, 4 IA, 5 Technological parts, CPU V3. 10 48h CD 17
Thrusters Oven V2, 1 Steel alloy, Core V2. 9 4h CD 15
Tecenergy Oven V2, 1 steel alloy, Technological parts, Core V2, nano robot. 10 2h CD 15
Ranobots Oven V2, Technological parts, 1 steel alloy, 2 Nano Robot, Core V2. 10 8h CD 15
Tech Backpack Oven V2, Core V2, Technological parts, 1 steel alloy, 2 Nano robot. 10 8h CD 15
Graviton Oven V2, Core, 1 Steel alloy, Nano robots. 10 14h CD 16
Scanners Oven V2, CPU V3, Core V2, 1 Steel alloy, Sand 100g, technological parts, nano robot. 8 6h CD 15
Air compressor Oven V2, Technological parts 1 Steel alloy, nano robots. 7 4h CD 13
Technological glasses Oven V2, 1 Steel alloy , Sand 100g, technological parts, nano robots 9 10h CD 16

== What each technology does

  • Core V2: A core with the capacity to store more energy, it can store up to 7 loads of energy; 3 energy level 1; 3 energy level 2; 1 energy level 3. (Reinforcing energy levels work like magic spaces, meaning more powerful skills need higher energy levels or simple skills conjured up more strongly using higher level energy loads). Cores can be recharged, the V2 core takes 8 hours to be fully recharged.
  • Leisure adapter: They are adaptations and fittings to be able to insert combat leisure or other lazers.
  • Combat leisure: A leisure that is used to burn, push or spray, with a range of up to 36 meters, the leisure can be used in a way that the player wants to burn for fire damage, push for impact and spray damage that is concentrated leisure with the aim of burning until it is gone.
  • Leisure to burn: Charge level 1 deals 4d6 fire damage, as increasing the charge level increases 1d6 damage.
  • Leisure push: Charge level 1 gives 2d12 impact damage and moves the target 3 meters away, can be used to push things too, as increasing the charge level increases the damage by 1d12 and pushes the target another 1.5 meters.
  • Leisure to spray: Charge level 3 gives 13d6 necrotic damage if the target dies from the leisure spray it will fall apart, as increasing the level of the charge increases the damage by 2d6.
  • CPU V3: A CPU with much greater processing power than previous versions, allowing the Visionary to program more complex things and having a much greater processing power for large complex calculations, can be used for various purposes of the Visionary.
  • IA: Literally begins to develop artificial intelligence, this chip that you develop and program can make the machine understand writing or speech as long as it is not something very complex, and it can also store knowledge and learn various things, such as habits, speech, patterns among other things that are not extremely complex, if the Visionary wishes, he can already leave simple pre-programming.
  • Simple Robot: A robot that can perform tasks such as picking up things, carrying, holding, among other things like that, its strength and maximum 120kg, it cannot take objects heavier than that, and its movement is maximum 15km / s , if he has artificial intelligence he can learn and perform other tasks. The attributes of a simple robot would be: 13 strength, 12 intelligence, 8 wisdom, 8 charisma, 13 constitution, 8 dexterity.
  • Technological Hand: This glove can extend all over your arm, when you put it it holds and stretches as far as you want with the arm's growth limit, with it you can support objects of more than 300Kg, strength tests with +3 and they are performed with advantage, you can also handle objects of extreme heat and cold if some magic is thrown in your arms involving fire or ice you have immunity, you can even put leisure adapters in each hand or apply another adaptation, they can do Tecenergy.
  • Nano Robot: They are small programmable robots, you produce 150g of nano robot per creation, they can join and separate and have resistance to fire, ice, necrotic, concussive, piercing, crushing and electric, together they are quite flexible and resistant and can join and separate and reassemble as scheduled.
  • Nano Robot Armor: Armor that is flexible, programmable, extremely resistant, and adaptable to its shape, in addition the armor can be easily repaired if it has more Nanos Robots, with it the user gains resistance to fire, ice, necrotic, electric, concussive, piercing and crushing, you gain +5 AC.
  • Central:: The plant will take 1 week to build, however, if you have a group of at least 2 people or robot guided by you the time decreases to 3 days, with every 2 extra people or robots the time is reduced by 1 day and all must take the CD 15 test if someone fails the test increases by 12 hours, the tests must be done every day worked with the construction and can be delayed with errors up to 10 days total, if the failures have reached 10 days they are no longer more tests are needed, however, everyone involved must keep working at the center until completing the 10 days. You build a very resistant 46 square meter base and height of 6 meters where you can adapt it as you like to make it more secure and impenetrable. The Central is able to build and develop nano-robots, peripherals, and tools, it becomes a small personal factory with several resources to build, due to the resources and automation it takes less than 5 hours in all constructions, the Central is able to build up to 3 technologies at the same time, it has a main part where you can control everything, it is also able to have a limited control of the machines, it can replace the oven in all the technologies you need making the construction CD with advantage and increasing the chance at +7 on the construction DC, if the big mother operates the constructions, she can build 4 technologies at the same time and also increases the bonus by +5 totaling +12 in the DC bonus to build.
  • About the great mother: About certain information you will have to ask the master to provide you as if you were the great mother, depending on the situation the master may say that about the specific situation she does not know.
  • The great mother: She will be his assistant, the great mother has an internal program to avoid any harm to the Visionary, if something that she controls or she will do harm to the Visionary she can disable the force or erase all the functions resetting herself or the technology it controls, in severe cases it can activate self-destruction of the technology or of it. She will be at the center, you can have contact with her any way you want with an audio device, or an audio and video device where she can also see, among other ways, that you wanted her to accompany you, controlling machine functions, tools among other things, she develops her artificial intelligence increasing to be able to understand slang, habits, habits, languages, cultures, she will control functions, as she becomes more intelligent more machines and technologies she will be able to control, she will also you will be able to learn about creatures, she will also learn about the geography of the place if you can provide information for her, the evolution of the great mother will depend on how you will provide information for her.
  1. To enhance the great mother:
  2. So she can better inform you about the region, flora and biodiversity: create something that can provide insight into the region for her to keep up with and learn from.
  3. In order to be able to control the machines and technology, being able to control and make remote commands: Apply your means of connection, such as by antenna, sensors or other ways to your preference.
  4. For her to have a sense of emotions and behaviors helping her in negotiations or conversations: Develop something that keeps her following her vision and audio so she can observe the features, voice intonation and behavior pattern to be calculating, developing and computing in order to learn and be able auxiliary, the master can determine the time it will take to learn (which is not extremely long), after learning she will be able to help talking to you having advantages in tests of persuasion, intimidation, deception acting and depending on the situation intuition.
  5. For her to passively assist you in your safety without you having to send: Develop safety equipment and ask her every day to control and make her safe after doing this 10 times the great mother will always send devices (if she can) do your safety while resting or going to a dangerous place or region if there is something dangerous it will alert the Visionary of what it is.
  6. In order to provide you with the monsters' strengths and weaknesses and assist you in the fight: As you fight, make sure that the great mother can see the fight by any means you want, as the fight goes on she will learn about the creature's resistances and immunities, you will also learn weaknesses if you have one, if you are going to face the same creature in the future it may already provide you with the information before the fight or at the start of the fight.
  7. Remote constructions and commands: If you have robots with AI, the big mother can command the robots remotely by building or carrying out actions that you want or need, she can also control other technologies if you can do what the visionary needs.
  8. Development growth and solution of food, water, geography of the region and construction: If you have difficulties with food in the region, or water or because its location is bad, be leaving the great mother studying the place for 1 day she will be able to provide better food solutions to be planted in the region and how to make them grow faster, as well as river resources in the region and how it would be the best way to build with the adversity of the region
  • Thrusters: They are thrusters that can lift up to 320Kg, it takes 1 space of energy to fly for 15 minutes, if you are in the air when I am going to finish you will fall suffering the respective fall damage from the height you were at.
  • Tecenergy: A technology that manages to produce malleable energy that can shape for various purposes, such as a net, shield, rope, a small force field, suitcase and other utilities. It takes 1 charge of energy to produce this malleable energy the way you want it, it goes up to 5 meters in circumference and has DC 20 to break and it lasts 10 minutes. Superior energy charges extend the duration in 10 minutes and increase the circumference by 1.5 meters
  • Ranobots: They are robots that resemble short swords, the Visionary can go over time putting better energy cores in them, they can have up to 3 adaptations, combat Leisure, Tecemergy, Graviton, Scanner, among others at the visionary's desire, they have an AI that can understand commands of the visionary that does not have much complexity, they are made for more to help the visionary in combat, however, nothing prevents to assist in other things, can only control 4 Ranobots, not being able to do more than 4, they they have 20 life and have a fly speed of 18 meters, they automatically fly over and accompany the Visionary at a height of 2 meters from him, during combat they have a range of up to 7.5 meters and their action and a bonus action, and 1 Ranobot can be used as a reaction. Ranobots: [4]
  • Technology backpack: The technology backpack and a better version of the previous one has a load capacity of up to 150Kg, it is made of nano robots, it has a variety of small mechanical arms with different functions and can build things for the Visionary while he is moving, can prepare substances too, and it has scanners inside that allows identification of substances and objects, less magical or correlated objects, if it is not overloaded it can change the designer and format in a way that it prefers, if the object or technology that the Visionary wants to build needs forge she manages to build objects that need the V1 oven at most, if she goes beyond the V1 oven she is unable to build.
  • Graviton: A small rectangular object that can manipulate and alter the density of the present mass by altering gravity by making things or individuals weighing up to 650KG in a space of 5 cubic meters to float at a height of 4 meters with CD15 of dexterity to get out, or the graviton can pull towards him trapping the individuals or objects on the surface he was thrown at, if used to weigh gravity the creature will have to perform a strength test of CD15 to take half the damage and to get out, otherwise it will stay stuck in place during the turn and takes 6d6 of gravitational damage.
  • Scanners: It can be an Identification Scanner that serves to identify objects and substances and their status, Terrain Scanner that identifies up to 500 meters the region and biome, Sonar Scanner that identifies caves and the soil even within a radius of 120 meters and 25 meters deep, Biological Scanner to identify that life and its composition being able to scan at most one large size creature, also helping to identify if there is a disease or anomaly in the creature, Frequency Scanner can capture waves and frequencies and the sound not audible to humans and other beings.
  • Air compressor: Can compress an amount of air with enough force to displace an elephant, its hit and up to 3 meters if used to hit a creature will push 4.5 meters away giving 3d12 impact damage, if the creature is thrown at a wall takes 2d6 more damage, however if the creature passes a constitution DC15 it takes half the damage.
  • Technological glasses: It can have the shape that the Visionary prefers, its technology allows it to implant up to 2 scanners of your choice and it allows you to transmit audio and video, it also allows you to see information that is passed on the lens it also allows you to make video calls or listening to other people if they have a means of communicating at a long distance with the spectacle wearer or have the spectacles as well, also serve for the great mother to follow and see and pass on information.

smart proficiency[edit]

Exploring the brain: From level 12: You can choose 1 intelligence perice to have expertise.

Fast learning[edit]

From level 16 you get the following benefits:

  • It now takes you less than 5 hours to build something, your brain is faster than any thinking being.
  • You understand more practically how languages ​​work, you can speak and write 3 more languages ​​that you have interacted or studied, you must spend 2 days studying the language to learn its writing and speech.
  • You understand how the composition of materials and substances works best, if in contact with any substance or material that is of interest you should take a sample or study it in the environment for 5 hours to know its composition and how to reproduce it.
  • Gain the Observant talent
  • Gain the Keen Mind talent
  • Gain the Prodigy talent

Ahead of time[edit]

From level 18 your brain anticipate actions: You process information much faster than another being without having mental problems with it, so you start to anticipate the creatures' moves against you and your allies you. Talk to your allies in anticipation of moves or think and act to circumvent the situation, using this ability as a bonus action to impose a disadvantage of up to 1d12+ intelligence against the creature on that creature's attack rolls and saving throws, for 1d4+2 rounds. skill can only be used 4 times after that with just a long rest. Condition: In the first round you must use this skill as bonus action to observe, it won't consume it you observe the creature's pattern at all times breathing, movement, physiognomy, composition to understand it from the second round of combat you can apply the effects of the skill and start consuming .


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Spell List[edit]

You know all of the spells on the basic spell list and additional spells based on your subclass.

1st Level

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2nd Level

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3rd Level

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4th Level

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5th Level

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Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the <!-class name-> class, you must meet these prerequisites:

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the <!-class name-> class, you gain the following proficiencies:

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