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, legendary (Requires Attunement by a Druid)

There was once a Legendary Druid named Vince who brings calmness and peace wherever he goes. He can become the friend of any animal and taught the people of how to befriend and tame said animals. Kingdoms far and wide sought for Vince to teach them to tame many great beasts to use in battle; and he did, for one condition. Never force them, never abuse them, never make them suffer; else face nature's wrath.

Most kingdoms followed and became very prosperous and very powerful, except for one. An arrogant and evil king who learned how to tame animals and beasts from Vince, used his newfound power to "tame" an army of beasts and force them to battle many other kingdoms using magic to control them. Vince felt the nature cry-out, and the ground rumbling. Animals big and small cried cried, howled, and called out to Vince with sounds of despair and sadness; Vince was furious. Vince called out Shalmao, The God of Nature and Knowledge, to avenge the animals who have fallen to the evil king's control. Shalmao then gave him the power to call to nature itself for aid; and he did so. He walked to the evil king's land and faced him and his forced army with a face of revenge and fury. He put his hands to the ground and vines and roots start to surround him as the giant forest around him move and absorb into him. After the transformation, Vince became a treant big enough to fit a forest in. The treant opened its mouth opened and howl of nature itself bursts forth and broke the control of the evil king to his beast army. The battle was gruesome and is the only time in Vince's life where he didn't use mercy. Vince felt accomplished and satisfied when he took down the king because the kingdom's occupants personally hate him. His life was fun and upbeat as he continued his life of peace and prosperity...but all stories come to an end.

When Vince was nearly at death's door, he wanted to see beyond his life. He ended his adventure, said his goodbyes, and he meditated on a grove on a high mountain. As he meditated, nature itself embraced him and in his place, a beautiful patch of grass and in that path of grass, an even more beautiful vine grew. Druids who find this grove and is kind and caring like Vince, are talked to by Vince himself. He asks them to take the vine and from that, they are attuned to Vince. When said druids die, the vine finds soil and gets absorbed by it; that vine then regrows in the grove it originated, ready for another druid to accompany.

Vince wraps itself around the user's dominant hand when he isn't being used. When it is wrapped around the hand, it feels comfortable and soothing. Outside of battle, Vince can be used as tools such as a rope, a grappling hook, a 10 foot pole, etc. (Vince can't be anything that is consumable or is unusable after one use). Inside of combat, Vince can turn itself into the form of any weapon and carry its physical properties (not magical properties).

You can use either your Strength or Dexterity modifier for attack and damage rolls with this item when Vince is in the form of a weapon. You get a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls in its weapon form and a +2 bonus to AC in its armor form.

Vine Stun(Weapon Mode) When you attack a target or get attacked by an enemy, roll a d20 with a DC 12. When you roll the same as the DC or higher than the roll, the enemy will be stunned by a flying stunning thorn for 1 turn. Enemies stunned this way take 3d8 piercing damage from being impaled by the thorn.

Poisonous Pores(Both) As a bonus action, aim at a point within 30 feet around you as you can place your hand on the ground. Vines then magically grow from that point. 3d6 spores then grow from said vine and explode into a poisonous cloud, dealing 1d4 damage per spore to everyone that surrounds the point. The poisonous cloud expands further making the area of effect be a 50 ft diameter circle which stays for 1d4-2 turns (if the roll is 2 below, it immediately dissipate) though only giving those in the area of effect the conditions of being poisoned and having level 2 exhaustion (The user is exempted from all effects of this ability). This ability can only be used once every long rest.

Thorn on the Backside(Armor Mode) When you are attacked, you can use your reaction to mitigate that attack and make wooden spikes burst out of your armor. Enemies within 10 feet of you must make a dexterity saving throw, DC 10+Wisdom and take 2d10 piercing damage on a failed save and half of the damage on a successful one. The spike then starts to grow and tries to surround the enemy and acts in the effects of the vine grapple ability(With the roll). You regain this ability on a short rest

Nature's Call As an action, you can turn Vince in a very ornate horn and blow onto it. The sound can be heard 2 miles away and creates a harmless yet noticeable earthquake 100 feet around you. 10 dire wolves then magically appear from the ground. These wolves act on your own initiative and you can telepathically call them to attack a target or group of targets. When one of these wolves reach 0-hit points, it turns ethereal and runs at a random ally. That ally then heals for 1d6+Wisdom. These wolves stay until they reach 0-hit points or the battle ends; they then turn ethereal and run at random allies, healing them for the same amount of hit points as stated above. You can activate this ability once a week.

Treant Punch/Slam You spend your whole turn (action, movement action, and bonus action) to hold a fist as vines wrap around it, getting bigger and bigger every second. You then aim at a target and punch, causing the vines wrapped around the fist to burst into an giant arm of a treant. The target must make dexterity saving throw DC 15+Wisdom or take 10d10 bludgeoning damage, get pushed 15ft away, and become stunned on a failed save or become prone on a successful one. The force of the punch pushes everyone 10ft away from the arm and the player, and also does 2d10 damage to the player and gain 2 levels of exhaustion. This ability can only be done once a day you must take a long rest to regain the ability.

Fire is my enemy Vince can't catch on fire but becomes scared and shrinks at the feeling of magical flame near him. Getting hit by attacks and spells that has the element of fire give you disadvantage on every roll against that target.

Healing Water(Passive) When you are resting near a natural drinkable water source(rivers, lakes, etc.), you can forgo using any amount of your hit dies and turn them into 1 superior healing potions per hit die. The potion is stored in wooden vials created by Vince. Superior healing potions made this way will lose its healing capabilities in 24 hours.

Vengeance When your health is below 20, you can say a special phrase as an action as a 10 by 10 ft tree with spiky sides quickly appears and slams on the enemy who last hit you. The target takes 3d10 bludgeoning damage and is knocked prone from the tree. While the enemy is knocked prone this way, the enemy also takes 2d8 piercing damage per turn from the spiky texture. The tree takes a DC 30 strength check to move; it will disappear after 1d4-1 turns.

Sentience. Vince is a Neutral Good magical growing vine that has 60ft blind sense and can hear,and move out of its own volition (movement as a vine is movement as a snake). He can communicate telepathically to anyone in a 30ft radius and he knows and can speak in all of the player's known languages.

Charisma: 17, Wisdom: 20, Intelligence: 19
Personality. Vince has a young human male voice which is both smooth and calm. In battle, he gets a little bit excited in his voice, and in times of fear and adversary, he sounds very brave and tough. He always tells his wielder of more "peaceful" (by peaceful I mean the one with the least amount of bloodshed) ways to go about a situation for he is known to be quite a pacifist. He love it when you commune with nature, spare enemies (with the right justification of course), and when you try to be optimistic. When resting, he tries to tell epic stories of how he defeated the evil king and how he tamed beasts of gargantuan sizes. He yearns for adventure and hates it when you stay in one place for too long (though he is known for being quite patient) and despises those who are evil (by evil I mean "i like being evil" kind of evil). Whenever his wielder does anything against his alignment and/or does the opposite of what he likes you to do, he can quite angry; sometimes even whipping you to try and put some sense into his wielder. When you do anything to anger him, you will have an argument with him next dawn. [[Category:]]

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