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Dungeons & Dragonstuck can be played in various ways depending on which version the Players decide to select.

SDUND v1.0[edit]

SDUND v1.0 is the most mechanically similar to traditional Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition. It is meant to provide as few changes to the game as possible to ensure players receive the most familiar experience possible. Only humans are allowed, and the class system is the one used in a traditional game of DnD.[note 1] When in doubt, use the base ruleset.

SDUND v1.3[edit]

SDUND v1.3 is a more customized version of SDUND that fully utilizes the mechanics found within Dungeons & Dragonstuck's several supplements. When in doubt, attempt to mirror the rules presented within Homestuck^2, Hiveswap, and Homestuck proper.

This version can be further divided into versions v1.3a and v1.3b.


SDUND v1.3a's magic system uses Spell Slots as described in Magic & Boondollars.


Similar to v1.3a, except v1.3b uses Spell Points instead of Spell Slots.


  1. Though, players may choose to style them to match the titles found within Homestuck. For example, a spellcaster may choose to call themselves a Witch of Hope while a cleric might style themselves a Maid of Life.

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