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Venom Cleaver: The Venom Cleaver is a +2 corrosive unholy axiomatic festering wounds bastard sword. It has a long, barbed, serrated blade, which is pitch-black, but shines crimson, and gives a faint red glow (treated as candle light, cannot be shut off).

It has Intelligence 19, Charisma 19, Wisdom 10, and is Lawful Evil. Any nonlawful or nonevil creature attempting to weild it must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 29) or melt. If the creature succeeds on a Fortitude save, they must then succeed on a Will save (DC 29), or go insane. If a creature uses a will save to bend the weapon to his or her will, then he or she dies on a failed will save, or takes 1d10 points of Charisma damage on a succeeded Will save, and the weapon stays the same.

Lesser powers: The Venom Cleaver can use cure moderate wounds (2d8+3) on its weilder 3/day, and has 30 ranks in Intimidate.

Greater powers: The Venom Cleaver can cast deeper darkness 3/day, can use detect thoughts at will, and can create magic circle against chaos or good at will.

Communication: Speech. There is a skull on the pommel that speaks. Otherwise, it uses telepathy. It speaks Infernal.

The Venom Cleaver has darkvision out to 120 feet, blindsense, and hearing.

Ego: 29

An Anti-Paladin or blackguard weilding the Venom Cleaver gets special attention from his or her deity. If he or she does something nonchaotic, nongood, or violates his or her code of conduct, they die instantly. However, with proper respect paid to the deity, FULL ranks in Knowledge (religion), and a special favor done for said deity, the deity will allow the weilder to use ''Miracle'' once per year.


+2 Enchantment bonus



Acid (deals 1d6 acid damage)

Festering wounds (injury):

Subject must succeed on fortitude save (DC 25), or contract Acid Rot. Incubation 1 day, damage 1d4 str, con, dex. Subject must make 3 successful fortitude saves in a row to be rid of the disease. If subject is killed by Deathsong, their remains are nothing but a lump of disfigured pus and blood, and they cannot be resurrected, even by a wish or miracle. To resurrect someone killed by Acid Rot, those seeking to resurrect him or her must get permission from a deity. Anyone who comes within 100 feet of a corpse killed by Acid Rot contracts it.

Even subjects normally immune to disease are subject to Acid Rot.

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