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Vampyrric Lycanthrope[edit]

This is a mashup of the base templates for Vampire and Lycanthrope.

As far as I know the only known example of this combination is from the movie underworld -specifically the third one- in which Michael is infected from ancient powerful creatures of each "disease/template" and his change looks more painful than other mono-disease "changes". Michael in the movie also ended up stronger than either of his pregenerators despite not having their age/experience. So factoring all this into account the end result of this dual template will be more powerful than if you simply stacked the templates as they are in RAW.

Creating a Vampyrric Lycanthrope[edit]

There should be only specific conditions under which such a combination could even be possible and that the extremity of going through the change should be unlikely to survive. So first off; how does one become this dasturdly beasty? Well you must be infected by a Lycanthrope and a Vampire within the same day, and make a fortitude save DC 24 each day for three days before going through the change on the third night after infection whereafter you gain full effects of the template. During those 3 days cure disease or similar can stop you from going through the change, also during those 3 days you will be exhausted.

Size and Type[edit]

Hit Dice[edit]


Armor Class[edit]


Full Attack[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Qualities[edit]






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Level Adjustment[edit]

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