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Vampire Variant Rule[edit]


This is a variant rule of the standard D&D Vampirism. LA is horrible, everyone know. This rule is based on Scaling Races Variant Rules who eschew LA completely.


When a creature become a vampire she/he is subject to a transformation.

  • Lose all Racial Traits (except ability modifier and size). Take upon the vampire traits and gain ability adjustment.
  • Vampires (but not half-vampires) are subject to a level loss. They lose their last level first. (An aging vampire loses a bit of his/her former memory while aging.)
  • Only humanoids can be affected by vampirism.

Becoming a Vampire[edit]

To become a vampire one must be afflicted by vampirism, vampirism is not a disease. It is a curse, a curse that infects and transforms its victims. Vampirism affects each victim to a varied degree. There are three levels of vampirism, each created by a different level of vampirism:

  • Full Vampires: Completely turned into a vampire. They are undead and can pass on vampirism. Vampires both have ancestral family and age categories.
  • Half-Vampire: Not wholly undead. Vampirism was unable to complete the transformation for a reason. Because their blood is still tainted, they too can pass on vampirism.


When someone contracts vampirism they slowly begin to change into a creature of the night. Here is a list of effects caused by vampirism:

  • Each hour the victim must succeed a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 [the number hours that passed after the victim contracted vampirism]). If the victim fails they are compelled to feed themself with blood. If they do not succeed then the victim cannot be cured short of a wish or miracle. If they resisted the urge and the 24 hour elapsed they turn into a half-vampire instead.
  • After 24 hours elapse the victim turns into a complete vampire (if she manage to drink humanoid blood) or a half-vampire (if she wasn't able to). At this point no mortal magic can cure vampirism.

There are a few ways to cure the victim: first he or she must not have been able to drink blood. (since vampirism needs blood of another humanoid being to complete the transformation). Then the victim must be affected by a Break Enchantment, Remove Curse, Limited Wish, Wish or Miracle spell. Wish and Miracle are able to cure even someone who drank blood, but not someone who turns into a vampire.

The Transformation[edit]


The victim grows long teeth and began to turn into an incomplete monster while still conscious. The horrible pain caused by the transformation is such that the victim falls unconscious for eight hours. The victim awakes as a half-vampire with most vampire traits. She does not lose any memories. Half vampires are not immortal, instead it extends the life span of the base creature by x3.

Half-Vampire Traits


After 24 hour passed the victim falls over dead. She remains in this state for 3 days. Then she awakes as a vampire, taking all vampire traits, and she loses all of her former race's racial traits (excluding size and ability adjustment). The victim loses a portion of its memory while losing 1 level. Victims with only 1 HD become half-vampires.


Vampire Families[edit]

Full vampires are all members of bloodline, ancestral families. The ability of each vampires depend on its family; some bloodlines might grant might while other might grant arcane power. A vampire of family X may only create vampire of family X. So a vampire family only depends on which family the vampire that bit the soon-to-be vampire was from.


Here is a list of sample vampire bloodline families:

Vampire Age Categories[edit]

Vampire Age Categories
Category Age (Years) 1 Minimum HD2
Young-blood 0–150 -3
Mature 151–750 8
Greater 751–2500 12
Old 2501–5000 24
Elder 5001–9999 36
Ancient 10000+ 40
  • 1. Years as a vampire.
  • 2. Before level us.
  • 3. If ECL 1, gain a undead HD but is replaced by a class level next level.

Vampire Age Bonus[edit]

Vampire Age Categories
Category Str
AC Bonus
Young-blood +6 +4 +2 - +4 +2 10/Magic and Piercing 5 -
Mature +10 +6 +4 +2 +6 +6 15/Magic and Piercing 10 1
Greater +14 +8 +8 +4 +8 +10 20/Magic and Piercing 15 2
Old +18 +12 +12 +8 +12 +14 25/Magic and Piercing 20 2
Elder +24 +14 +14 +10 +14 +18 30/Magic and Piercing 25 3
Ancient +30 +16 +16 +12 +16 +24 35/Epic and Piercing 30 4

The benefits of each vampire age categories overlap, they do not stack.

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