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Below is a first draft of the vampire slayer class (here after known as "the Slayer"). The class is inspired by the hit TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and uses the mechanic of the Slayer within the D&D 5e world. A conscious effort has been made to use the characters of Buffy and Faith as starting points and adapt them for the purposes of the game. All feedback on this class is welcomed and encouraged as I am biased towards wanting it to work. I certainly think it needs adapting but I've hit a block and would welcome all input from others.

Once in every generation[edit]

She stood within the ruined catacombs, her grip on her weapon tightened. The white visage of her fated nemesis stared deep into her steeled eyes and she could sense that moment of recognition. Before he could turn to flee, the Slayer lunged, stake first, towards him. With inhuman strength she pinned the dark abomination to rubbled floor The creature that had brought so much suffering to this region was finally experiencing the same terror he had reaped for centuries. The young woman glared into the face of her prey, her sworn duty about to be fulfilled. As the vampire bared its blood-drenched fangs in a final act of defiance, the Slayer drove her trusty stake through his chest. A hellish cry echoed through the hollow caves before the monstrosity burst into a cloud of satanic dust. She rose to her feet, no sign of celebration or glory, she simply returned the stake to her pack and began her journey back to the surface. A woman, A warrior. The Slayer.

Even before any recorded civilisation, the Slayer has existed. Once in every generation a girl is chosen to fight back against the forces of evil, she is the Slayer. She has not asked for this gift, it has been thrust upon her and it is her sacred duty to protect the world from the darkness. Her strength and speed are unmatched by many, her reflexes second-to-none.

Creating a Vampire Slayer[edit]

The Slayer has a history dating back further than anyone really knows but the accepted understanding of her is that a group of male wizards imbued great power within a girl and cursed her to protect our world. Only females can be chosen to continue the Slayer line meaning only female characters will be able to select vampire slayer as their class option.

The Slayers (and Willow), Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics,

Slayers are women who carry a huge burden on their shoulders, they have been chosen to protect the world from evil. How does your character feel about that? Does she resent other characters for their care-free attitude or does she relish the responsibility? How did your character find out she was a Slayer? Was she ambushed by a evil creature and her instincts kicked in? Did she not fully understand her power and do something she now regrets? Has she had to try and come to terms with her powers alone or was she guided by a mentor? Where is this mentor now?

Quick Build

You can make a vampire slayer quickly by following these suggestions. First, Strength should be your highest ability score, followed by Dexterity and then Charisma. Second, choose the Folk Hero background. Third, choose the wooden stake, light cross bow, carpenter's tools, and the explorer's pack.

Class Features

As a vampire slayer you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per vampire slayer level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per vampire slayer level after 1st


Armor: light, medium
Weapons: wooden stake, martial weapons
Tools: carpenter's tools
Saving Throws: STR and DEX
Skills: athletics, acrobatics


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • a wooden stake (Base Damage = 1d4)
  • (a) a short bow or (b) a light crossbow
  • (a) carpenter's tools or (b) smith's tools
  • (a) an explorer's pack or (b) a dungeoneer's pack

Table: The vampire slayer

Level Proficiency
Stake Damage Features —Spell Slots per Spell Level—
1st +2 - Equaliser
2nd +2 1d4+1d4 Mr Pointy
3rd +2 1d4+1d4 Slayer's Road feature
4th +2 1d4+1d6 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 1d4+1d6 Extra Attack
6th +3 1d4+1d6 Slayer's Road feature
7th +3 1d4+1d8 Slayer Sense
8th +3 1d4+1d8 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 1d4+1d8
10th +4 1d4+1d8 Extra Attack
11th +4 1d4+1d10 Slayer's Road feature
12th +4 1d4+1d10 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 1d4+1d10
14th +5 1d4+1d10
15th +5 1d4+1d12 Slayer's Road feature
16th +5 1d4+1d12 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 1d4+1d12 Improved Slayer Sense
18th +6 1d4+1d12 Slayer's Road feature
19th +6 1d4+1d12 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 1d4+2d6 Death is my gift


There are hundreds of rumours that circulate around the existence of Slayers. Some believe them to be possessed by deity, others consider them genetic freaks. The most common and accepted theory is that Slayers are chosen by Fate to balance out the darkness in the world. Their unrivalled strength and natural skill allows them to take the fight to even the unholiest of creatures and, most notably, Vampires.

How it works

As a Slayer you may choose to re-roll any roll ONCE if you are in combat with a creature who is not native to the plane you are in. For example if you a fighting an Undead creature on the material plane you would be allowed to re-roll once against it. You would not gain this benefit if you were fighting an Undead creature in an Undead plane of existence. Remember this can only happen once per battle (if you use it once you may not use it until you have to roll for initiative again).

Against Vampires, you may use this skill twice during a battle.

Mr Pointy[edit]

Buffy and Mr Pointy,Mr Pointy Fan Club on Pinterest,

At Level 2, a Slayer becomes more in tune with her weapon of choice, the wooden stake. If you carve the wooden stake yourself it is considered a magical weapon. When you hit a creature with your stake you deal extra damage. It might even inspire you to name your weapon...if you're into that.

Extra Damage by level

See the vampire slayer table above for the extra damage gained per level.

Slayer's Road[edit]

There comes a time in every Slayer's life where they must choose how they fulfil their sacred duty gifted to them by destiny. Some choose work to preserve the safety of humanoid life, they interpret their gifts as a responsibility to protect those unable to protect themselves. Other's hold a more direct understanding, other creatures are simply distractions and are disposable in the larger fight against the darkness. At Level 3 a Slayer must choose which road to take, how she will use her powers in the context of this busy and unbalanced world. Look at the sub-classes: Class Protector and Dark Slayer.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra Attack[edit]

At level 5 a Slayer may attack twice on her turn instead of once.

3rd attack

At level 10, you gain a third attack. If you take the attack action you may now make 3 attacks.

Slayer Sense[edit]

Starting at 7th Level, a Slayer has attuned fighting senses that allows her to detect an incoming attack.

How it works

This feature can be used twice between long rests.

When an enemy attacks you (from either long or short range) and the attack would normally hit, as your reaction you can attempt to dodge it. Roll a d20. If you roll an even number you avoid the attack completely, if you roll an odd number the attack hits but you take half the damage.

This feature cannot be used against spell attacks.

Improved Slayer Sense

At level 17, your Slayer senses are now so attuned you gain an additional use of "Slayer Sense" between long rests (total of 3). You no longer roll to see if you avoid the incoming attack, you automatically dodge in and take no damage.

"Slayer Sense" cannot be used against spell attacks.

Death is my gift[edit]

"The hardest thing in this world - is to live in it. Be brave. Live...for me"

A Slayer's blood contains all of her power, it does not run but burns through her veins which is why Vampires consider it to be the greatest meal in all of existence. If the Slayer sacrifices herself the Slayer is allowed to cast the "Wish" spell once just before her death. The wish spell may not be used to bring herself back from the dead or use time manipulation to prevent her from dying at all. The Slayer MUST die.

If this ability is used may not be brought back to life.

The term "Sacrifice"

The best way to define the term "sacrifice" is to confer with your GM to see how they feel the term works within in the context of the world you are playing in. The only rule is that is must involve the Slayer dying immediately after casting the spell.

As an example, if the Slayer is on the verge of death anyway it probably would not count as a sacrifice to use Death is my gift at this point as it is likely they would die anyway. If, however the large battle has ended but a child has been killed, the Slayer could use Death is my gift to bring the child back to life; this would count as real sacrifice.

Slayer's Road: Class Protector[edit]

A Class Protector is a Slayer who always puts others before herself. She does not fight the forces of darkness for glory, treasure or even gratitude; she does it simply to protect innocent lives. Class Protectors are strong leaders in battle and always lead from the front. They never use their abilities to harm none hostile creatures and take their role as the Slayer seriously and always consider the consequences of their actions. Class Protector Slayers are also charismatic with an ability to make friends that she can count on. Her friends and allies are what keep her going, they are the source of her power.

Role Model[edit]

As a Class Protector, you are a natural role model for many of the citizens that exist in this world and can inspire them to do great things, when you go after the big bad, you do it with the help of your friends. As soon as you choose the Class Protector road at level 3 you receive proficiency in the Persuasion skill, you double your proficiency in this skill when attempted to persuade a fellow female creature.

Natural Leader[edit]

Slayers who follow the Class Protector road usually fit into the mould of group leader. By level 6 you are comfortable taking command on the battlefield.

How it works

"Natural Leader" can be activated as a bonus action on your turn. It lasts for 1 minute.

All allies (allies are deemed as creatures who are not hostile to you) within a 10 foot radius gain an extra +2 to their attack rolls for the duration of the spell. They lose this +2 if the spell ends, the Slayer is knocked unconscious or they move out of the Slayer's 10 foot radius.

You also receive temporary hit points equal to the number of allies within your 10 foot radius per round for the duration of the spell. For example, if you activate "Natural Leader" and there are 3 allies within a 10 foot radius of you, you gain 3 temporary hit points at the end of your turn. If by the end of your next turn there are only two allies within the same radius you gain 2 temporary hit points.


Starting at 11th level, a Class Protector Slayer is a lot of the time more concerned for the safety of her allies than for herself. When an ally within 5 feet of you is targeted by an attack you can use your "Defender" ability as your reaction to shield them.

When you do this, roll a d20. On an even number you shield your ally from the damage and do not take any damage yourself. If you roll an odd number your ally takes no damage but you take half of the damage.

True Strike[edit]

At level 15 a Class Protector Slayer knows a guaranteed hit is better than trying to end things in one move.

As a bonus action, you can choose to attack one more time with a +5 to the attack roll on top of your normal stat modifiers. If the attack hits you do half the normal damage of the attack.


NB, this is a power adapted from Season 4 Episode 21 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. I've tried to adapt it to fit the game but would love to know how people see this working and whether the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa.

Enjoinment Buffy,Buffy TV series,

"My power comes from my friends".

At level 20 a Class Protector Slayer has complete trust in her closest allies and can harness the power of her friends if they have the utmost trust in her. If two allies are willing, they can lend the Slayer their power.

The willing allies MUST be of the same level as the Slayer. Before entering a battle, the Slayer and her two allies must spend 1 hour communing together to perform the "Enjoinment" ritual. The ritual calls upon the power of the first Slayer to combine the power of multiple individuals into one vessel, in this case the vessel is the Slayer who performs the ritual.

Once the ritual has been performed, the Slayer may activate the "Enjoinment" as a bonus action at any point during the next 4 hours. If she does not activate the spell within that time she must wait until after a long rest to be able to perform the ritual again.

The effects below only occur when the Slayer activates the spell. The two allies who took part in the ritual must be within 100 feet of the Slayer at all times during the spell, they must also remain conscious for the duration. The "Enjoinment" lasts for 1 minute or when the Slayer dispels it, or when one of the two allies falls unconscious or moves further than 100 feet away from the Slayer.

The Effects on the two allies

- The two characters who have lent their strength suffer -2 to their AC each. - The two characters who have lent their strength suffer -2 to their proficiency bonus. - The two characters who have lent their strength suffer -2 to their strength ability score. - The two character's total hit points is reduced by half. - For the duration of the spell, these characters are unable to attack or cast any spells. - The two characters do not benefit from the Slayer's "Natural Leader" ability. - The two characters who have lent their strength can only move a maximum of 15 feet per turn.

The Effects on the Slayer

- The Slayer's eyes turn yellow - Life surges through the Slayer who gains temporary hit points that total the amount her two allies have lent. - The Slayer is surrounded by shimmering aura that increases her AC by +4 - The Slayer gains incredible control over her body and gains +4 to her proficiency bonus. She also becomes proficient in all the skills her allies are proficient in. - The Slayer's strength ability score is increased by +4. - Every attack the Slayer makes that hits is an automatic critical hit. - The Slayer gains an extra attack per turn and is still able to use her other Slayer abilities, but can still only use one reaction per round. - The Slayer gains a base speed of 60 feet. - The Slayer gains resistance to ALL forms of attack (including spells) and immune to all status effects. - The Slayer is able to understand and speak any language. - The Slayer gains the ability "Slayer's Gaze", instead of attacking on her turn, the Slayer can choose a creature within a 60 foot radius and gaze upon it. If the creature is below a CR of 10, it dies immediately. If the creature is of a challenge rating of 10 or higher the creature must make a CON saving throw with a DC of 20. On a failed save the creature takes 20d6 force damage and is pushed back 30 feet and is knocked prone. On a save the creature takes half the damage and is pushed back 15 feet but is not knocked prone. - If any Undead or Vampires, Demons or Devils are able to see the Slayer they must make a WIS saving throw with a DC of 20. On a failed save the creature is frightened for the duration of the "Enjoinment" spell. They may attempt to save at the beginning of their turns.

Effects when the spell ends

Once the spell ends (when the Slayer dispels it or ends on her turn after 1 minutes) the two characters regain all of the abilities and hit points they lost during the "Enjoinment" spell. The immediate effects on the Slayer are:

- Receives 3 levels of exhaustion. - The Slayer's hit points are reduced to 0 and is considered unconscious and must make a death saving throw. - Hit Point maximum is reduced by 1/2 for 1 week. - The Slayer's AC, and proficiency bonus go back to as they were before the spell was activated. - The Slayer's strength is forever reduced by 1. - The Slayer is unable to move for 1 day after the spell ends. She may be brought back to consciousness.

Slayer's Road: Dark Slayer[edit]

Sometimes life sucks and a Dark Slayer knows it. A Dark Slayer takes care of the big bad by any means necessary, even if others do not approve. She is a loose cannon who prefers to do everything her own way without the interference of others. Dark Slayers have a hard time fitting in with groups but everything they do is for the thrill of victory.

Ball Buster[edit]

As a Dark Slayer, you don't have time for small talk or more importantly, misogyny; you want to find the big bad and exterminate it. As soon as you choose the Dark Slayer road you gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill, you double your proficiency in this skill when you attempt to intimidate a male.

Free Radical[edit]

Those who follow the road of the Dark Slayer do not usually play well with others. They don't listen to orders and instead march to the beat their own blood stained drum.

How it works

Free Radical can be activated by the Dark Slayer as a bonus action. The effects last for 1 minute.

If no allies (allies here are classed as non-hostile creatures) are within a 10 foot radius of you, you gain an extra +2 to your attack rolls

At the end of each of your turns while Free Radical is still in effect you gain temporary hit points equal to the number of hostile creatures within a 10 foot radius of you.


You don't forgive and you never forget. You now have the "Vengence" ability. If an enemy drops one of your allies hit points to 0 you can use your reaction to declare vengence on that creature as a bonus action, you can be very descriptive of how you will murder them in your declaration. That creature is now marked for death, until it is reduced to zero hit points every attack you make that hits the creature is an automatic critical hit.

As soon as the marked creature is reduced to zero hit points the effect of your vengence fades and does not return even if that creature is brought back to life. Vengence can only be declared once between long rests.

Wild Strike[edit]

Dark Slayers disregard their own safety in search of the killing blow, always.

As a bonus action on each turn, you can choose to attack one more time. If you do you suffer a -5 penalty to the attack roll (you can still use your normal modifiers). If you hit add +10 to the damage dice. If you miss the attack you take 10 damage.


"I do not have power. I am power itself"

Dark Willow,Buffy TV series,

Dark Slayers understand more than most that the world is not always a fair or happy place to live. To draw on great power the Dark Slayer must detach herself from regular morality and take matters into her own hands. With the burden of power comes the need to make the hard choices. If she feels it necessary the Dark Slayer can perform the "Detachment" ritual.

The Dark Slayer must drain the blood of one UNWILLING creature of a good alignment and ingest the blood. The creature is then considered dead. The ritual takes 1 hour to perform. Once the ritual is complete, the Slayer can activate the "Detachment" spell as a bonus action until she takes a long rest. If she takes a long rest before activating the spell she must perform the ritual again with a new creature. When the spell is activated it lasts for 1 minute, or until the Slayer dispels it.

The effects of the spell are: - The Slayer's eyes turn black - The Slayer gains a dark shimmering aura that adds +2 to her AC - The Slayer gains +2 to her proficiency bonus - The Slayer's strength ability score is increased by +2 - The Slayer gains an extra attack per turn - The Slayer gains temporary hit points equal to 50% of their current hit point maximum. - The Slayer is resistant to all types of damage and immune to all status effects. - All creatures, including allies, who are within line of sight of the Slayer must make a WIS saving throw DC 20. On a failed save that creature is frightened for 1 minute. The creature may attempt to save at the end of its turns.

When the spell ends: - The Slayer's hit points are reduced to zero and she must make an immediate death saving throw. - The Slayer receives 1 level of exhaustion - The Slayer's hit point maximum is reduced to 3/4 for 1 week - If returned to consciousness the Slayer is unable to move for 1 day. - The memories of the creature she murdered for the ritual haunts the Slayer's dreams for the next week. If the Slayer attempts a long rest she must roll a d20, on an even number she is able to get enough rest, if she rolls an odd number she is unable to get enough sleep and can only consider it a short rest. If the Slayer performs the Detachment ritual again, this affect lasts for two weeks. Then if she performs it a third time it lasts for 3 weeks etc.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the vampire slayer class, you must meet these prerequisites: STR 13, DEX 13, be female

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the vampire slayer class, you gain the following proficiencies: Athletics, Acrobatics

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