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Vampires, Pure Blood[edit]


All Vampires are different, but pure bloods hold them self in high regard

Physical Description[edit]

Fare, pale skinned humans, their eyes and hair can be any color.


Reclusive but when they do befriend others its a life long friendship


any, more are evil though.


They live every where and any where.


They tend to lean to evil gods but can have any god for their deity.


The Get to know Common, Under Common and Elven, they are capable of learning every language so have fun.


They use names that are more Elven in sound, but will use any name they like.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Humanoid (undead)
  • Medium in size
  • Speed: 35ft.
  • Bat master: they may call upon bats to help them as once a day, for every level they gain they can call on one more bat, example level one, one bat comes when they call, level two, two bats come when the call; this ends at level ten. these bats can help in combat for three turns or do simple ordinary tasks.
  • languages: Common, Under Common and Elven, they can learn any language
  • Favored Class: Vampires like magic classes and have innate magic ability So They get +2 level 0 spells per day.
  • Level Adjustment of one

Vital Statistics[edit]


-When a human is 15 they are an adult, well when a Vampire is 150 they are an adult so add a 0 to what age you want and you are that in Vampire years.


vampires are around elves and human height. Males are any where between 5"6' to 6" Female are more around 5" to 5"9'



"Home is where you drink Your enemy's blood"- de'fey rochester "famous" vampire and self proclaimed medium

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