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Greater Montalion Vampire[edit]

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While considered to be one of the weaker bloodlines, montalion vampires have the unique ability to teleport at will. Such a power should not be underestimated. They are effective at infiltration. Some even might say they rival the Berne bloodline in terms of assassination.

Greater montalion vampires are 100% vampire. The same as being 100% Elf or 100% Human. The change into vampirism affects many aspects of the victim, DNA included. There are only two ways a Pureblood can come into existence. The first being birth, the second requires a month long ritual in which someone who is already a vampire must overcome their vampiric instincts. Purebloods are the most powerful of vampires in existence but there are very few of them. Their power is even more fearsome then that of a lich. The highest recorded number of purebloods to exist at the same time is 32 (after the fall of Lamae Bal and her army). Purebloods posses highly advanced forms of all the powers of all the vampire bloodlines and then some. The powers they posses are enhanced far beyond the comprehension of most beings. This great power is also a great weakness. Purebloods have so much power that their development is exceedingly slow. Before anything, they must first learn to control the vast raw energy that they posses. Purebloods tend to live far longer than most vampires, who generally live not much longer then 600 years (for the lucky ones). It would not be strange for a pureblood to live over 5000 years. This is not to say that vampires may die of old age, indeed, they are already dead. Vampire society is a dangerous place to live. Eventually, someone will destroy you. When a pureblood reaches approximately ten thousand years of age they become a daywalker, though sunlight will still weaken them it will not harm them. When this happens, the pureblood will receive the title of “Ancient”. Those with this title command great respect even amongst the purebloods. There is a high suicide rate amongst purebloods. Suicide also accounts for most deaths amongst purebloods. When someone lives long enough they tend to long for death and because of this, ancients are so rare as to be virtually non-existent. Incest is commonly practiced amongst purebloods in order to keep the bloodline pure. While this may seem bestial to most, a pureblood’s physiology is vastly different from the living races and they use their own incomprehensible logic. There is no risk of genetic defects. Pureblood siblings often genuinely fall in love with each other. This is because pureblood siblings feel a particularly strong bond with each other because their blood shares a special bond with their family that goes beyond being related.

This overhaul treats vampires like an actual race. The same way someone can be half-human half-elf, they can be half-human half-vampire. Think of it in terms of DNA except that this overhaul would consider the core rules vampire as being a vampire who is 30-69% vampire and the rest of the percentage is the base race. Lesser montalion vampires Vampires are the vampires produced by actually turning someone into a vampire. They are truly undead despite the fact they are technically not "true" vampires.

Vampire: A type of undead that survives by feeding off of the blood/life-force of other entities. The nature of a vampire’s abilities varies depending on which bloodline they belong to as well as other factors such as character class and level. Vampires are darker in nature, innately selfish, and more warlike but are not innately evil (though they are far more prone to be evil). There are just as many good vampires as there are bad ones. They have a tendency to pursue decadence and finery and vampires who exist outside The Night Kingdom can often be found gaining rank in the local nobility or business world. Vampires have blood-red eyes with reptilian like slits for pupils. Their eyes glow in the dark or when they are hungry. Purebloods do not have whites in their eye. Instead, their iris covers the entire eye with the exception of the pupils. Beings whose eyes are naturally red will have red-orange eyes instead. The general populace, however, sees all vampires as evil abominations to be hunted down and destroyed. When someone is bitten by a vampire and then has vampire blood enter their system they will be infected with a disease known as “Porphyric Hemophilia” (which only humanoids or monstrous humanoids may catch). This disease can be easily cured but it is nearly impossible to notice to those who are not educated in vampire lore. The only warning is that when the victim sleeps they will be plagued with nightmares. After 72 hours, the victim will die. The incubation period may take longer than 72 hours for beings with strong constitutions. In all cases, after death, the victim will rise as a vampire in roughly 7 days. Despite the fact that vampires are undead, they can still sexually reproduce, though it is much harder. The greater the percentage of vampire blood in a person, the harder it is for them to sexually reproduce. It is nearly impossible for a greater montalion vampires to have offspring. When someone is turned into a vampire their percentage of vampirism will be half that of their sire to a minimum of 30%. The nature of the disease does not allow for a turned vampire to be less than 30% vampiric and so if the vampirism in a turned vampire would be less than 30% it is automatically enhanced to 30%. When someone is born as a vampire their vampirism percentage will be equal to the combined percentage of their parents divided by 2. This is the only way for vampirism below 30% to exist. The vampiric state will not be added to a being born as a vampire until sometime during their adolescent years. The process of the vampiric state falling upon a natural born vampire is called “awakening”. Until their true nature awakens they are, for the most part, indistinguishable from their base race. They must eat food appropriate to a living member of their base race and are no more durable then a living member of the same age and gender as their base race. There are only a few dissimilarities that can be distinguished. First, the immune system of the unawakened vampire will still be as advanced as it would be if they were awakened but they do not have any regenerative abilities. Second, the unawakend vampire is truly alive, only after they awaken do they become undead. Third, the unawakend vampire is weakened (but not harmed) by sunlight. It is rare to see unawaked montalion vampires at anything other than home or a social party. Since the montalion vampires are almost always nobles, it is difficult for commoners to see them anywhere else, as they will be under protection until they can protect themselves. Only the most influential or trusted individuals will ever meet an unawakened pureblood in person. Such purebloods are in constant danger of being kidnapped as bartering chips, or worse. One can be certain that an unawakened pureblood will be under constant protection by their clan’s honor guard. The greater the percentage, the more powerful a vampire is. The difference in power between vampires on opposite ends of the same category is minute but noticeable. This difference in power assumes that both individuals are equal in power before applying their power as a vampire. The only way to be more than 50% vampire is through birth, with the exception of a pureblood that came into existence via The Pact of Unreachable Blood. While this is not true for all vampires, vampires tend to be very territorial and prideful.

For example, someone who is 72% vampire turns someone into a vampire. The turned vampire will be 36% vampiric. Someone who is 100% vampire turns someone into a vampire. The turned vampire will be 50% vampiric. Someone who is 40% vampire turns someone into a vampire. The turned vampire will be 30% vampiric. Someone is born and their parents are 50% and 100% vampire. When the newborn’s vampiric nature awakens they will be 75% vampire. Someone is born and their parents are 30% vampire and 0% vampire (not vampiric in any way). The newborn will be 15% vampire.

Creating a Greater Montalion Vampire[edit]

"Greater Montalion Vampire" is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

A lesser montalion vampire uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type[edit]

Hit Dice[edit]


Armor Class[edit]


Full Attack[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Qualities[edit]

May use Dimension Door as if they were a 15th level wizard at will as a spell-like ability at will

May use Teleport Without Error-15ft radius as if they were a 20th level wizard once per day as a spell-like ability at will






Challenge Rating[edit]




Level Adjustment[edit]


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