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Va'anai, Incarnation of Demise[edit]

Death is inevitable for all things, from the simipelist of ideas, to the complexity of your life. Fight, if you wish, but you will only delay what is a law of your very existince.

Prerequisite: You must be an Agent of Yikva (Five Towers Supplement)

Yikva, the first of two sisters, and the inevitable result of all life. She makes very few deals, and will always collect her due. She is not harsh, nor vindictive; she is not cruel and executes her position with no malice or intent for undue pain or suffering. In fact, she's often known for coming to those in grave positions and offering a release of suffering and torment. It is for this that some mistake her will as weak, her intent passive, and her desire quelled by the power she wields. It is with this misguided belief that she makes her few and most powerful deals, for even the mightiest must answer her summons, even the richest must pay the toll and walk the path she sets.

You, as an agent of Yikva, are blessed by and are a servant of Death herself. Called by her will, most often, to be her left hand within the living world; you carry her blessings beyond what should be your own death to collect the due owed her. You are her inevitable will; you are her undying demand, in you Yikva walks the living world for you are Va’anai the ‘Incarnation of demise'.

Va'anai Path Features[edit]

Reaper's Favor (11th Level):
With a devious smile, Yikva notes her favor upon your action, granting you a boon to ensure your victim is just that much closer to entering her domain. Upon expending an action point, your next single target attack gains a critical range of 17 to 20, and the damage caused ignores any temporary hit points your victim may have. If you utilize an ability that targets more than one creature, this critical range is instead 18 to 20.
Inevitability of Life (11th Level):
Yikva, impartial by nature as to how or why a creature dies, simply sees her duty as an inevitable, unavoidable factor; one which she, at times, need accelerate against her foes, and accomplishes this goal through you. Your attacks can now score critical hits on 19 to 20, and when one of your attacks reduces a creature to 10 or less hit points, it immediately dies, and is truly dead. This effect causes the target to immediately reach its bloodied value + 1 in negative hit points. As a Free Action you may convert your regular melee attack damage into Necrotic damage rather than Physical, causing your weapons to glint with a faint aura of darkness; using this darkness, you may, as a Minor Action, persist and amplify this darkness, lowering the light level of your square and those adjacent to it to dim light if you are in regular lighting.
Life Tap (16th Level):
To those of extreme magical aptitude, you are a visible void to life, drawing in energy upon the death and destruction you and your allies sow. Whenever a creature dies within 3 squares of you, you gain temporary hit points added to the negative (below 0), equal to your Constitution modifier; if it is your attack that causes the creature to die, you instead gain temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value up to a negative equal of your full hit point value. Using the drawn energy of death, you may apply up to your Constitution modifier of those temporary hit points as bonus damage, at a 1 to 1 exchange; you lose 1 temporary hit point to deal 1 more point of damage, increasing to a maximum equal to your Constitution modifier.

Wound the Soul Va'anai Attack 11
You reach out and strike the soul of the target, needing nothing more than mere physical contact, ignoring whatever defenses it has in place and sapping its vitality.
Encounter Star.gif Divine
Standard Action Melee weapon or touch
Target: One creature
Attack: Highest ability score modifier Vs. Will
Hit: 3d8 + highest ability score modifier damage, of which cannot be reduced by damage resistance, and ignores temporary hit points.
Effect: The target of this attack cannot regain hit points (save ends), even if the attack fails.

Shadow of Death Va'anai Utility 12
Your enemy's strike, brutal as it was, fades away as you fall into a well of growing darkness and are set on your feet with a second chance as Yikva puts you back in the fight.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: You are reduced to bloodied or 0 or less hit points.
Effect: You immediately gain your healing surge value in temporary negative hit points, in addition to gaining regeneration 4. This regeneration lasts until your temporary hit points +8 are depleted.
Special: If you were dying you become stable as if you had succeeded in a saving throw, you are no longer unconscious, and you stand up without provoking an opportunity attack.

Grim Embrace Va'anai Attack 20
Grasping shadowy hands prowl the absolute darkness you conjure, searching tirelessly for victims to prey upon and allies to aid.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Necrotic, Zone
Standard Action Area burst 3 within 20 squares
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Highest ability score modifier Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d10 + highest ability score modifier damage as Necrotic
Miss: Half damage
Effect: The burst creates a zone of absolute darkness until the end of your next turn, causing enemies caught within to become blinded and weakened, even creatures regularly immune to blindness. Enemies who successfully attack a target while within the confines of Grim Embrace are immediately restrained (save ends), by grasping shades and shadows, which deal 2d8 + your highest ability score modifier damage as Necrotic in retribution. Allies within the area of your Grim Embrace gain a +5 bonus to Stealth checks and saving throws to break free of grabs.
Special: For each enemy you damage with Grim Embrace upon its casting, you gain negative hit points up to your healing surge value.

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