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Terra Slayer[edit]

Martial Melee Weapons[edit]
Weapon Damage Weight Properties
Terra Slayer 4D6 slashing, 5d4 bludgeoning damage 3 lb. versatile, Shaper, Destroyer

The longsword forged from earth-shattering Anti Terranium. It has a two-hole hollow hilt and pommel and moves astonishingly fast like a wind blade.

Shaper. When this weapon is in your possession, you gain the ability to change the shape and formulations of materials and reshape them as you please, for example, making sand to glass. When you make a successful attack with this weapon, you may change up to 60 feet of terrain around you at will as you want.

Destroyer. This weapon reduces the hit points of objects and buildings, environment, etc. to 0 upon a successful hit. Constructs and inorganic creatures take double the damage die when successfully hit.

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