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Homo Faber[edit]

Literally, "Man the Maker." When an exceptional human is born, they are one marked with the gifts to control fate, as though gods themselves. As of ever, only one ever exists at a time.

Physical Description[edit]

Homo Fabers are basically human and look every bit of the part. Their left and right arms are notably marked somehow, however, to show the power of destruction and creation granted to that of their race. Sometimes this means their arms are deformed while other times it may just be marked with a tattoo like birthmark. they are also notably beautiful or handsome for their sex and attract people in the ways of harems possibly.


Homo Faber was the first 'thing' to write its own path, free of its environment, from gods and from fate. It made its own fate. Through its interactions with humans, it dispersed its blood and form, creating a scattered descent of creatures that can make their own fates free of their own backgrounds, to forge and defy all. Those who show these traits the strongest are thus called after the progenitor "Homo Faber."


Homo Fabers are said to be builders of utopia. If they ever were to make a society, it is possible they would rival all of creation. However, they are a scattered race, regrettably, and only one ever exists at a time. So a society is out of the question. Homo Fabers historically live among humans as perceived misanthropes and rarely ever attain their true potential.

Homo Faber Names[edit]

Homo Fabers usually have bland human names. But last names can be rather exotic.

Male: Walter Faber, Tumble Macher, Zarathustra

Female: Mary Sue, Dagny Taggart

Homo Faber Traits[edit]

When man is the maker, God loses his throne
Ability Score Increase. All your ability scores increase by 20. Your ability scores have no cap.
Age. Homo Fabers live only as long as a normal human, about a little over 100 years.
Alignment. Homo Fabers can be any alignment they so choose.
Size. medium
Speed. 30 feet
Übermensch. You are above good and evil and your alignment cannot be affected by any change. You're also a dime in a dozen, meaning there is strictly only one of you, ever. You cannot be copied, drained or replicated in appearance or substance by any means. Homo Fabers are also immovable. You are not affected by any effects against your will which move your location or planar existence. You also do not require sleep, food or drink.
Left Hand of Destruction. Your left hand is a nasty claw that can render terrain difficult and deal 4d6 magical slashing damage. This damage doubles when you reach level 10 and triples at level 20.
Right Hand of Creation. Your right hand is a wonder that can create matter at will and change materials. You can restore broken items as though with mending magic with an hour ritual. This hand also deals 4d6 magical bludgeoning damage. This doubles at 10th level, tripling at 20th level. The ritual becomes a minute long at 20th level. You also are amazingly adept at using tools and so you auto-succeed any check required to use any tool.
Driver of Fate. You can control your fate, simply put. Your body, spirit, and mind cannot be controlled or manipulated by magic or any mundane means against your will. The five feet you occupy also cannot be altered in any way.
Tragiocomedy. You are a character who makes your own ending. If you die, it must be of your own doing. You can also determine what level you are of the class your character occupies.
Languages. all

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 0″ +1d8 120 lb. × (8) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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