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Hisagomaru Replik[edit]

Martial Melee Weapons, Legendary[edit]
Weapon Damage Weight Properties
Hisagomaru Replik N/A 1 lb light, finesse, Heal Gauge

A crazy scientist witnessed a miraculous blade which heals, and so made a rough knife version of it for wider spread use. It remains relatively prototypical and used only in special circles. The heal factor comes from how the blade material vibrates at an electron level, emitting waves that accelerate natural healing.

Heal Gauge This knife is used to heal rather than harm. The user must expend their action to attack themselves with this knife. Upon hit, the user gains up to 2D8 temporary hit points or restores 3D4 hit points. For every 3 uses where hit points are restored, this weapon gains one charge, with a maximum of 12, after which it no longer charges but continues healing. You can make a melee weapon attack with this knife then to release all charges, dealing 1D6 slashing or force damage for every charge, 12D6 max.

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