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Beast Light[edit]

Heavy Archaic Martial Melee Weapons, One of a Kind[edit]
Weapon Damage Weight Properties
Beast Light 4D8 bludgeoning 12 lb. two-handed, guard, reach (10 ft), Raw Force

This heavy, flat blade is actually blunt, meant to smash through defenses. It has no special futuristic functions, and maybe doesn't need any.


When targeted by a ranged weapon attack and holding this weapon, you may expend your reaction to halve the damage dealt. This weapon does not have to be held in both hands to use this effect.

Raw Force

When you make an attack with this sword, you create an additional wave of Force that shoots in a straight line for 60 feet. This forces all targets in range to make a Strength saving throw against DC 10+your Strength mod +your proficiency bonus. Upon failure, the target is pushed back 5 feet and takes 2D8 force damage. Upon success, the target takes 1D8 force damage but is not pushed back.

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