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Martial ranged Weapons, Two of a Kind[edit]
Weapon Damage Weight Properties
Erschosser 3d6 piercing, 1d8 lightning 2 lb. light, Anti-ET, EMP mode

Thus named "Shoot to Death-er." It's a pistol that's not distributed widely. It's range reaches up to 120 feet. It does not require external charge, but does need to charge for 1 hour every 100 shots.


Beings not human, synths or constructs (Aliens basically) take an extra lightning damage die (1D8) upon crit.

EMP mode

The gun's alternate mode can be activated with a bonus action, changing the function to that of a stunner. It loses its Anti-ET ability. The gun reaches up to 120 feet. It creates a small field (5 ft radius) upon impact. All creatures within range must attempt a Dexterity saving throw DC (8+your Strength and Dexterity mod). Upon failure, the creatures take 2D6 lightning damage and are paralyzed for one round. Upon success, the creatures take 1D8 force damage and are not paralyzed.

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