Upgrading a Weapon Proficiency

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Upgrading a Weapon Bonus[edit]

While 5e was being developed, a series of Proto-Unearthed Arcanas were released to test the system. Many of these were written before the current understanding of what is balanced in this system was decided upon. As such, they are ignored, rarely listed as part of the released material. Nonetheless they are technically a part of your game and If you want to completely destroy it, then you are free to use them. One of these that is now particularly volatile, is the simple system for upgrading a weapon to a +1 weapon and beyond. It operates as such: In order to increase a weapon proficiency you must spend a year of downtime living a noble lifestyle. The flavor explained that over time, fellow nobility would aid your weapon. The problem is that at the time, living a noble life for one year only costed 1000 gp, and there was no cap to this effect. As such if a character had the time, and 100000 gp then they could attain a +100 weapon.

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