Unstable Banana

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Wondrous item, Rare


Peeled Unstable Banana by Maxwell Planck source


Peeled Unstable Banana by Maxwell Planck source

Visibly, this looks like any other banana while the peel is on, upon touching however, it immediately becomes obvious this is no ordinary banana. To the touch, this banana has a soft vibration, and a small hum audible from 1 feet away. Once this banana has been peeled, there is a very visible distortion in the light around it, doubling up and refracting light around it, providing 5 feet of dim light.

If the banana is peeled and left uneaten or preserved magically, it will rot within 1 minute.

Upon eating this banana, the consumer is paralyzed until the end of their next turn. In this time, they take on the texture distortion and luminescent properties of the banana. After the paralysis, the consumer splits into two identical looking beings, the same size, weight and stats, as the original. The clone is unstable, both the original and clone are controlled by the player. The clone cannot cast spells, and at the end of each of it's turn, it rolls a d20, on a critical roll (1 or 20), it dies. Upon death, it explodes, forcing all creatures in a 10 ft. radius to attempt a DC 17 Constitution saving throw, taking 4d6 force damage on a failure and half as much on a success. It also explodes after 1 minute. If the original dies while the clone is still alive, their soul is transferred to the clone and it loses the aforementioned effects. Once peeled, the banana cannot be resealed by any means except the wish spell or it's brought back in time.

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