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Unknown Origin[edit]

Sorcerer Subclass

You have no clue where your magical power come from or whom could have given it to you. You might have been born with this magical essence or you have manifested magical abilities during a certain age wether by choice or accident. Nevertheless magical essence is flowing in your veins. The magic can be sometimes weak and some times it can be really potent. You don't really know how it works but you know you have magic and it is a part of you. You have some kind of control but you act on instinct. You might have a mentor guiding you through the difficult phase of your life or you just kept your gift by yourself.

Unknown Affinity

Your link to the unknown allows you to learn spells from any of the spellcasting classes. When your Spellcasting feature lets you learn or replace a sorcerer cantrip or a sorcerer spell of 1st level or higher, you can choose the new spell from any classes spell List or the sorcerer spell list. You must otherwise obey all the restrictions for selecting the spell, and it becomes a sorcerer spell for you. In addition, you can learn a level 1 spell of your choice from any spell class that suits your identity or affinity. This spell is a sorcerer spell and doesn't count against your spell list.

Change of Fate

Starting at 1st level, you can manipulate the forces of luck and chaos to gain advantage on one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. As an alternative you can impose disadvantage on one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw to a creature of your choice within 30 feet. Once you do so, you must finish a long rest before you can use this feature again. The range increase by 30 feet when you reach 7th, 11th and 15th level with this class.

Maximum Failure

You turn others failure to your success. At 6th level, whenever your spell of 1st level or higher allows a creature to make a saving throw against your spell save DC and it fails, you automatically deal the maximum possible damage on the die. If it succeed you can spend 2 sorcery points per spell level as a reaction, to turn it into a failure but it only take half of the maximum damage possible. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your charisma modifier(minimum of 1). You can target multiple creatures as part of the same reaction but the same rules apply here. You must finish a long rest to regain all expended uses of this feature again.

Elemental Soul

You discovered that you have certain elemental affinity that lingers deep within you. Choose one of the elements which will give you bonus to certain damage and resistances; Air(Lightning), Earth(Acid), Fire(Fire) or Water(Cold). At 14th level, whenever you cast a spell of the same element you're affiliated with, you deal an additional damage die of the same. You also have resistance for the same element. In addition, as an action you can spend 5 sorcery points to turn into an Elemental of the same element chosen. You use the Wild Shape feature for this, which can be found in the PHB. Ask your DM for the statistics of the Elementals which are in the Monster Manual.

Sudden Epiphany

You can tap into the magical ether which provides you with a better insight and helps you prepare. At 18th level, as an action on your turn, you can learn a creature's vulnerabilities, strengths or other facts you like to know. Your DM can give you facts about the creature at his or her disgression, a number equal to your Charisma Modifier(minimum of 1). Also as an action you can spend 3 sorcery points to use any spell of any class that might help you in this situation as part of the action which you have learned before or never learned at all. The spell counts as a sorcerer spell and spellcasting rules apply. Ask you DM if he or she allows you to use this spell.

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