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Unique Handwriting [General][edit]

You Writing is sloppy, small, hastily written, and often abbreviated.
Prerequisite: Use of a spell book
Benefit: You use 1 page per spell in your spell book, you may scribe +1spell per 3 levels each day.
Drawback: You can't scribe scrolls, because Scrolls need to have Precise scripts and symbols. Explosive runes do not explode if the victim can't read them. Anyone reading your handwriting Must make an Intelligence check, or not be able to read it (or spend Xd12 rounds deciphering you handwriting, where Xis by how much they failed the check [DM'S DISCRETION AS TO WHICH]). The intelligence check is DC 15 (20 if not in their primary language or Common). If the character reading the script is familiar with your handwriting, they get a +5 to this check; +7 if they are very familiar with your handwriting. No one may take 10 in deciphering the script, except the person who wrote it.
Normal: Scribe only 1 spell per day, and Spells require 1 page per spell level.
Special: If you learn to make your handwriting legible, you loose all benefits. Things you already wrote do NOT retroactively become legible, unless under specific circumstances that the DM considers appropriate.
Roleplaying Ideas: "Hey, Urist McTremblehand, what does this say? I can't read it."

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