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A fun little race for anyone who is a fan of Unigan, and likes to have the random adaptability of randomized stat changes based on being killed.


  • A race who are challenged by short term memory and use magic to make up for their shortcomings... this often leads them away from being wizards. Some are as kind as they can be, living from moment to moment. While others remain in pristine groups, and keep to highly revered traditions. The race revers tradition and mentalities that keep themselves in power, and keeps their own desires in check. Even though they in groups can be wise and a force to be reckoned with even the smartest Unigan can fall prey to their own mentality. Despite this they grow intelligent in close proximity to one another leading the occasional nobility in their race to keep a large retainer of servants and slaves from their own race.

Physical Description[edit]

  • The average height of an Unigan varies between 5 to 6 feet, they tend to weigh in around 130lb. Their skin colors are usually of hues of blue, their amphibious skin is smooth and on occasional will develop scales. Their eye color tends to vary as much as their hair color does, so there is no hard set hue. They are predominantly reptilian in characteristic with shorter thicker tails than most counterpart races. Their feet often have three clawd toes and present themselves as semi-digitigrade, with tendency to stand entirely digitgrade. Their have three four fingered hands with a single thumb, each digit presents a claw that is often too short or dull to cause harm. Their present a single horn from their forehead, usually it has a slight upward curve. But there is a minor variation to the variate of horn. their anatomy is retaliative to humans and lacks key draconic features that would earn them the draconic subclass, or even reptilian since they are warmblooded. Despite this a short pair of draconic wings, usually too small to be flightless are presented from their backs, but some adapt and their wings eventually grow to a size capable of flight and gliding. Their ears are often long and rounded, hanging down somewhat too their shoulders, and raise slightly if alerted or attempting to listen. Despite being Physically capable to most other races some of their anatomy appears to be ornamental yet moderately functional as opposed to full functionality. They reproduce asexually through a phoenix like rebirth, aka Reincarnation, despite having two genders.


  • The race as a whole tends to get along somewhat poorly with ground walking races. Often finding value in skyborn and races that favor being high in the air. Despite their bias towards races that would be underground or on it. They will more than likely quickly learn to get along with other races. Or completely forget the reasons they were supposed to not like a certain race if enough time has passed.


  • They tend to lean towards neutral and good alignments, if they do not keep themselves to their strict behavior codes they often drift towards chaotic good or chaotic neutral. As a whole the race finds little reason or need to purposely be evil. Despite that they can be corrupted if lead astray by outside forces.


  • They Favor mountains, and higher elevation. If possible they forgo being on the ground entirely.


  • The race worships a slew of Good or lawful gods. Some have taken to the worship in the idea that the original unigan is a legendary figure meant to be revered. The more egotistical of the race even begin to lean towards revering themselves. Despite this their origins lays in the primal gods, created perhaps by accident. Oddly enough much like the Tarrasque the race is hard to permanently destroy. To this extent they get spread to different planes of existence by wizards or spell casters attempting to do away with them and not wanting to go though the bother of trying to kill them every time they are reborn.


  • They Speak Common as base language and seem for the primary of their civilization to always have spoken some form of Common.


  • they use a series of common names, or names passed down and shortened. Each time a Unigan is reborn they have the vague memory of their past life, and will often take the name they remember the most from their former life. Over time a name such as Odevinarous will degrade to Devin. Esamuelack will eventually become Samuel, despite the degradation of memory from one rebirth to the next, they do not loose knowledge of simple language use or the majority of their simplified name.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, −6 Intelligence.: The race isn't too bright when they are alone, but they themselves can be somewhat charming and wise.
  • Monstrous humanoid : Monstrous by human standards!
  • medium size
  • Unigan Base Land Speed is 30 ft feet: Flight if achieved 20 ft
  • Rebirth (Su): Upon death the unigans body, and worn equipment is destroyed as it is reduced to ashes, heald items have to pass a fire check to survive, as well as inventory items. After the egg is produced it has a 3 day incubation period, after which it bursts open and the Unigan grows with in one day to full adulthood once again. Memories are somewhat recovered and lose a single level, cannot be reduced bellow level 1. Each time an Unigan dies roll a d6, once the dice has stopped rolling find the corresponding stat, the tats should be in order, and proceed to reroll the stat and take the new result even if it was worse than the original. Then roll a 1d20 and on the result of a 18-20 roll on this table for an added ability, this ability is lost on the next death. If successful roll the 1d20 again and use this set for results. 1-5 no adaptation, 6-10 the Unigan grows a thin layer of scales for a +1 AC natural bonus. 11-15 the Unigan gains wings capable of constant flight if the Unigan is carrying light load, if not then merely gliding. 16-20 the Unigan is adapting to the situation and select a stat to reroll, take result even if worse, as well as a second Unigan is born from the egg, this is an npc that on a fellowship test can be persuaded to remain with the party, but is treated as a noncombatant npc with the same stats as the character it was spawned from (or untill a player with out a character takes control of it). This ability triggers automatically upon death and cannot be restricted or dispelled, even if the egg is destroyed it's replaced by another egg.
  • mnemonic boost network (Su): The Horn of the Unigan, which is always present on their heads, projects a signal to other unigan, creating a network that boosts their intelegence base for +1 for every Unigan with in 10 feet as a temporary boost that drops or raises according to the proximity to the number of Unigan.
  • Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven, celestial, Halfling, Elemental, and Sylvan .
  • Favored Class: Cleric
  • Level Adjustment: +1

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Unigan Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5 ' 0 " + 1d20 130 lb. × ( 1d10 ) lb.
Female 4 ' 10 " + 1d20 110 lb. × ( 1d20 ) lb.

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