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April Fools!
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Unidragowolfoxcat are so rare that any common day to day lifestyles can't be distinguished.. Except they all seem as mysterious as possible, even when spoken to.

Physical Description[edit]

Unidragowolfoxcat in their natural form look like a Humanoid Cross-breed between A Dragon, Unicorn, Wolf, Fox, and Cat, with the rest filled in as human.. Usually seen with: Dragon wings, Unicorn Horn, Fox Ears, Wolf Tail, Cat Claws and/or nose with whiskers.. Their weight varies greatly but in natural form is around 300 pounds. They are in natural form as tall as a human. Their eyes are varies different colors, their hair as well, and even their skin color.. All side effects of the transformation.


Most races fear this one, or distrust it. Nobody really knows anything about this, and, to them, they treat it as a monster. Its usually shunned or bullied in civilized societies, and even harshly treated in uncivilized societies.. It prefers seclusion, but sometimes people will become its friend on a rare occasion or two.


Any really.


Anywhere in seclusion. Preferably Remote Mountains or Lakes.. but rarely one or two may be found in the small villages or so.


They don't really have a religion they normally follow, nor do they normally follow religions.. but one or two rarely follow a God or Diety.


Draconic, Celestial, Common, Feline (Cat language), And Canine (Wolf and Fox) are the languages they automatically know how to speak


The transformation had also deleted their memories, so they go with whatever name they decided.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +10, +8, +6, +4, +2, and -4 all put into the 6 stats. You choose which of the stats to add and which one to subtract from, as long as no stat gains a bonus and/or penalty more than once.: This is because the wizards whom created them were trying to perfect a subject but usually got the same results, but in different stats. Some stronger than others, whilst some could solve equations faster than an arrow.
  • Aberattion (Shapechanger): Their anatomies are completely wack and this is the only VIABLE choice
  • Fine - Collassol : They change forms constantly. Their natural form is Medium.
  • Unidragowolfoxcat base land speed is 40 ft. Fly Speed 30 ft (clumsy)
  • Shapechange (Ex): 10/day allow full shape changing into whatever as Polymorph spell, but also allowing objects and other things.
  • Breath Weapon (Ex): 1/hour up to a maximum of 3/day allow a breath weapon of any type, or even of combined types, dealing 6d6 of that/those energy type(s) damage to an enemy in a 60 ft cone or 120 ft line.
  • Omni-Planar Existance (Ex): When travelling to another plane, the character always acts as if they are from that plane
  • Spell-Like Ability: 1/month — Wish. Caster level is 20th.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Draconic, Celestial, Feline, and Canine. Bonus Languages: Any (INCLUDING Secret Languages like druidic, except costing the cost of 2 bonus languages instead of 1)
  • Favored Class: Any
  • Level Adjustment: +15

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: pUnidragowolfoxcat Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
14 years ++1d4 ++2d6 ++3d8
Table: Unidragowolfoxcat Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
1000 years 1500 years 2000 years +No max age, they are immortal but feel aging effects. years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Unidragowolfoxcat, just do it as human please Im too heccin lazy Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male ?’ ?” +? ? lb. × (?) lb.
Female ?’ ?” +? ? lb. × (?) lb.

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