Undead Party (5e Spell)

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undead party
5th-level Necromancy (ritual)
Range: 120 feet
Components: Seven Corpses
Duration: 1 Day

You Rise Four Zombies and Three Skeleton. The Skeletons are Equipped with Longbows, 20 Arrows, and Leather Armor. The Zombies have Breastplates, and Longswords. They will fight Until Destroyed, They Also speak one Language of which each party member speaks, If you have Three Members, they know Three Languages One of which must be Common. You may only have One Undead Party at a Time. The Undead may Use Any Weapons and Armor the Party can Use. The Items that the Undead come equipped with can not be taken from them and can not be sold, if you trade it a weapon that one of the party has the weapon they held will disapear with them.

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