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"Umbranatus Sol" meaning "Shadowborn Sun" in Latin, was the sole creation of the original God of Demons and Chaos known as Dākurōdo (Darklord in Japanese) whose will was unknown, shrouded in the mysterious shadows of his own personality. It was Dākurōdo who created the Zenith Sepulcris long ago as a testament to his supremacy throughout the reign of Aum's existence, for Dākurōdo had been the original God of Death yet for unknown reasons, gave the title to Mara while taking on the mantle as the God of Demons and Chaos until the time of his supposed death during "The 30 Nights of Tears" when the Cataclysm occurred. Before his resignation, Dākurōdo used his own godly essence within the heart of the Zenith Sepulcris to forge a master relic armor in which all of his will flowed like a lifestream into it; within this armor Dākurōdo poured forth his cunning and ambitious personality, his desire for Death to become the one true master, and the power to subjugate all life. Thus, upon finishing his work, Dākurōdo gave the armor the name of "Umbranatus Sol" where it's power became intrinsically linked to the Zenith Sepulcris ziggurat itself, making the armor indestructible so long as the temple stood.

The armor is made from an ore created by Dākurōdo himself in the Zenith Sepulcris which in turn, is made from the same ore to amplify the symbiotic link shared between the temple and armor; the ore was named "Zenithite" in homage to Darklord's ziggurat of power, which grows exclusively on graves surrounding the Zenith Sepulcris temple on the planet Aum. Zenithite is comparable to Adamantine, as weapons fashioned from Zenithite have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than 20. Armor made from Zenithite however, grants its wearer damage reduction of 5/– if it’s light armor, 10/– if it’s medium armor, and 15/– if it’s heavy armor. This ebony black ore radiates with hues of sickly lucid and shadowy green highlights throughout it's veins, glowing like uranium would in all environments where darkness is present. Understandably, this ore is extremely rare and valuable, but Dākurōdo would never allow the denizens of Aum or any other planet from a realmspace to steal his legacy without a price. Dākurōdo made the ore so toxic by nature, that the clusters of ore that grew from the graves around the Zenith Sepulcris had an aura of radiation poisoning (all targets within 20 feet take 3d6 Vile/Necrotic damage regardless of immunity or resistance) that gave off noxious sulfuric fumes in the air which in turn caused any targets within 20 ft of the ore clusters to become Nauseated for 2d6 turns. The only hope and respite in harvesting such a horribly wicked ore was to have a smith create a pickaxe made of "Pandemonic Silver" (Mined from thin veins of ore on the plane of Pandemonium) that was bathed in the blood of demons while having a soul crystal set into the eye of the pickaxe while holding the soul of a powerful demon/devil within. Dākurōdo wanted to make sure that anyone who truly was willing to go through the effort of taking his treasure would suffer every step of the way, with the possibility of losing lives in the process, an outlook Dākurōdo found most delightful.

Zenithite is truly powerful when smelted properly; in armor, when all the pieces are worn the suite radiates with the spells Consumptive Field, Greater and Greater Death Ward while blessing the wearer with Fast Healing +20. With weapons, Zenithite makes the base damage of any type into a 2d12 and upon a successful melee touch attack, grants a unique spell-like ability similar to the spell Bite of the King which is called "Umbra's Womb". "Umbra's Womb" is a spell named by Dākurōdo that sparks into creation after Zenithite is smelted into a weapon; it creates a pocket dimension within the owner of the weapon, and when trapping a target, can decide to hold them for however long desired or deal 3d6 Bludgeoning and 3d6 Acid damage to the victim who either will become consumed (their soul absorbed into the armor and restoring the wearer to full health) or cut their way out after dealing 35 damage to the walls of the dimension.

When Zenithite is smelted down to create shields, the magnificently obsidian black with lava-hues equipment is granted a permanent aura that bestows Improved Bull Rush and Rage (As Barbarian's Rage) 6/day. Creatures of Chaotic Alignment who normally aren't proficient are treated as having the feat Improved Shield Bash when wielding a shield made from Zenithite. Shields made from Zenithite automatically come with shield spikes that have a base damage of 2d12 as the equipment is treated as a weapon.

Zenithite can only be smelted properly within two places: The Nine Hells of Baator located in the Outer Realms of Realmspace, and The Underworld (Lower) located within the planet Aum of Krynnspace. Only within these two locations are the temperatures of the magma coursing through hot enough with magical chaos essence to applicably smelt Zenithite ore into weapons and armor. The armor bestows one negative level on any non-evil creature wearing it. This negative level persists as long as the armor is worn and disappears when the armor is removed. The negative level never results in actual level loss, but it cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the armor is worn.

Armor Type Proficiency Encumbrance Base Armor Maximum Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Chance Cost
Helmet Heavy Exotic -1 ft +1 +1 -1 1% 200,000 GP
Cuirass (Breastplate) Heavy Exotic -5 ft +5 +1 -2 2% 200,000 GP
Gauntlet Heavy Exotic -4 ft +4 +1 -2 2% 200,000 GP
Chausses (Legging) Heavy Exotic -4 ft +4 +1 -2 2% 200,000 GP
Sabaton (Boots) Heavy Exotic -1 ft +1 +1 -1 1% 200,000 GP
Shield Heavy Exotic -5 ft +5 +1 -2 2% 140,000 GP

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