Ultra Wish (Jaroidia Supplement)

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9th-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: unlimited
Components: v, m(jaroidian diamonds worth at least 10000 gp, and kaeozzian rubies worth at least 10000 gp which are consumed)
Duration: instantaneous, or until you end it (no action required, just tell the dm)

you can cast 1 spell of any level for free even if you do not know it(except for this spell), you can restore any number of living creatures or objects to full health, you can create any number of mundane and or magic objects worth no more than 25000 gp, you can bring back someone from the dead with their body restored to the form it had at any age but they have all their memories, you can rewind time up to ten minutes with your current knowledge and cause time to alter itself however you choose immediately after time restarts (causing 1 roll to come up as a 20 or a 1 or anything inbetween), or you can do something else, but, if you do anything other than what was listed above, you take 20 phychic damage, and 10 necrotic damage, this damage can not be prevented or reduced in any way, also your stength score is reduced to 1 for 1 day, or until you take 1 long rest and 1 short rest (or 1 trance).

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