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The Ultimus[edit]

A cult of sword enchanters once worshiped a forgotten deity whose one lordship was the sword and all its facets. The cult’s forefathers discovered an ancient sword of perfect craftsmanship. This sword became the focus of their worship, believing it to be a gift from their god. The cultists imparted magic upon prayer upon mystery for almost a millennia until a great cataclysm ravaged the world, the magical sword lost in the aftermath. Tales tell of it appearing in the hands of great heroes and infamous villains alike. This +10 longsword of adamantine is unadorned and fashioned modestly. It has the following ability enhancements: alert, defending, frost, shock, flaming, ghost touch, keen, spell storing, wounding and vorpal. The weapon deals an additional 2d6 points of damage to elementals, undead and monstrous humanoids. The sword imparts all commands and knowledge of its abilities to whoever grasps it’s hilt. In addition, the Ultimus grants the following powers:

True Strike : Once per day, the sword’s wielder gains a +20 insight bonus to a single attack roll as with a true strike spell.

Endure Elements : The sword’s possessor is protected from hot and cold environments with the same effects of endure elements.

True Seeing : The sword’s possessor sees things as they really are with the same effects of true seeing.

Greater Spider Climb : At will, the sword’s wielder can walk on vertical surfaces and even traverse ceilings. Like spider climb, he retains his Dexterity bonus to armor class (if any). Unlike it, he is able to run, needs not have his hands free and keeps his land speed.

Greater Nondetection : The sword cannot be detected by divination spells such as locate object, clairaudience/clairvoyance and detect spells or by magical items with divining abilities. This is also granted to the sword’s possessor and all of his gear.

At will and as a free action, the sword’s wielder may produce the effects of a daylight or darkness spell for up to one hour per day, divided as he chooses. The effects emanate from the sword itself with a 30 ft radius.

With a command, the sword teleports to the waiting grasp of its possessor. He must have at least one hand free and be within a 30 ft radius of the weapon. The area between the sword and its possessor must be free of completely solid obstacles such as doors or stone walls. The sword can teleport pass obstacles with spaces such as gates or creatures. The command is unique to its current possessor. The sword creates a new and ends the old when a new creature grasps it’s hilt.

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