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Human Variant[edit]

The uchiha are a mutated variant of human infamous for their excellent senses. These rare sorts are said to have eyes that appear "eerily deep" when you gaze directly into them, and their ears are ever so slightly pointed. Some say they have a distant fey heritage, but one that is more diluted or distinct than that of elves and half-elves.

Uchiha Traits[edit]

The following traits replace the normal Ability Score Increase from the human race.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity and Wisdom scores each increase by 2.
Sharp Sight. You are proficient in both the Perception and Investigation skills.
Fey's Ancestry. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed and magic can’t put you to sleep.
Sharingan. The Sharingan is the most coveted trait of the Uchiha. It can manifest itself over time when you train (in which case you recieve it over the course of levelling up) or it can be awakened by great stress, depending on character traits. Your DM determines when your Sharingan evolves. When you reach level 4, you awaken your Single Tomoe Sharingan. You may activate it a number of times equal to your Consitution Modifier for 10 minutes. When the Single Tomoe is active, you may use a reaction to add +4 to your Armour Class. If this +4 makes your opponents attack miss and it is a melee attack, you may immediately perform a melee strike of your own. You also have a +2 to your attack bonus. When you reach level 8, the Second Tomoe is awakened. You gain a photographic memory; when you see a spellcaster casting a spell, you can perfectly copy their verbal and somatic components, adding the spell to your spellbook (even if you don't have a spellbook). This effect also works on divine spells. You can also copy someone's ability with a weapon; you gain their weapon proficiency if you see them fight with that specific weapon; this also functions for hand-to-hand martial combat. You may copy someone's combat ability, copying how well they fight (this does not copy physical traits). You also recognize patterns, and have the ability to solve puzzles (not riddles) fairly quickly; this feature is controlled by your DM. You have gained even greater perception, granting you a permanent +10 to Perception checks involving sight when your Sharingan is activated. When you awaken the Third Tomoe at level 12, you can see energy. You can immediately tell when you've (or someone else has) been placed under an illusion, and when making your check to disbelieve it, you may add your proficiency bonus to that roll (twice if it applies). When you look someone in the eye, you can attempt to place them under an illusion. They must succeed on an Wisdom Saving throw equal to your level +proficiency modifier; once the illusion is in place, they may make a save every round to break it. This save however has a DC of your level + your constitution + your proficiency. This ability lasts until they break the illusion, or they die. You can also delve into someone's memories, if they fail a DC 'your level' Wisdom Save. When you reach level 16 you gain the power of Izanagi and Izanami. By sacrificing the sight and powers of one of your eyes, you can either warp reality by changing an illusion into reality or reality into an illusion, or put someone into an unbreakable illusion that they can only escape if they agree with you; they must actually agree with you, the illusion functions under their own mind's power. They need to believe it for the illusion to break. Once you have used these abilities, you can never again use the eye you lost.

The Sharingan may also evolve into the Mangekyou Sharingan. This can happen at any level, even if you have not manifested the Sharingan. You can only activate the Mangkeyou Sharingan a number of times equal to your Constitution Modifier, and using it's powers more times than your level causes you to go blind. You can avoid this problem by taking the eyes of another Uchiha. If you do so, you will no longer go blind, and your eyes will retain the same powers. Mangekyou Sharingan has based of of the following powers:

The Amaterasu: At a point you can see black flames combust. They cannot be extinguished, and deal 5d6 fire damage each round (regardless of resistance or immunity). You can spread them over a large area not exceeding a circle with a radius of 30ft, or keep them contained on a single person. They will not go out until the target is completely destroyed. This can be used as a free action

The Kamui (Short Range): You gain access to an extra dimensional space, which you can visit by using the Kamui on yourself (which you can do as a bonus action). You can exit the Kamui Dimension at any space you can picture vividly as a Free Action. You may also store objects or people within it (if they are within 5ft of you), and can eject them out of the dimension as a Free Action (or a reaction). As a bonus action, you can gain the properties of the Spell Mirror Image. It is as though you are an illusion; in fact they are simply slipping through you.

The Kamui (Long Range): You can rip people you can see into the Kamui Dimension, if they fail a DC 10 + your constitution modifier Dexterity Save. You can also teleport within the Kamui Dimension yourself.

The Susano'o: If you have both of your Mangekyou Sharingan, you may manifest the Susano'o. It is up to you how powerful your Susano'o is, and how large it is, with the largest being over 7km tall, and the shortest being a measly 30ft tall. The Susano'o gets larger and more dangerous the more you use it; however, each use counts as 2 Blindness Points.

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