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256px-A Priestess by Godward.jpg
Greater Deity
Symbol: Split Coin
Home Plane: Lawful Good
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Fairness, Recompense, Oathkeeping, Law, Paladins, Government
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good
Domains: Law, Good, Community, Liberation
Favored Weapon: Spear

Blue-eyed Tythia is the Goddess of Fairness. She is the daughter of the great god Nomos who once ruled the Charystan pantheon. Nomos died during the Wars of Law and Chaos, in that world shattering battle called the Battle of Glittering Vale. With Nomos falled, Tythia picked up Righteous Heart, his battle sword, and his mantle of Law and Government. She changed the direction of the Wars of Law and Chaos. She began speaking of reconciliation, of families reunited, of injustices that must be forgiven, and of a future peace.

When she became the patron of Paladins, the world changed. Where Nomos was concerned about law, stability, and standing firmly against all evil, Tythia stood for fairness and recompense. The very outlook of those paladanic orders changed that day.

Tythia is a granddaughter of the Mother of Storms (3.5e Deity).


To be righteous is empty if one is not just. Those who serve Tythia seek to bring justice into this world.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Tythia assumed all the great temples of Nomos. While the statues of Nomos continue to dominate her temple, her images continue where they are, usually in side chapels dedicated to her.

Tythia and Paladins[edit]

This is the code of Tythia:

  • Promote good in every way that you can find.
  • Settle differences peacefully where possible.
  • Stand against those who break the laws of the gods.
  • Stand against those who make unjust laws and take bribes.
  • Stand against those who would use law to harm others.
  • Stand against those who enslave others for profit or power. (Slavery as a temporary punishment is acceptable.)
  • Stand against those who prey upon the weak, the sick, or the poor.
  • Stand against those who shed blood for pleasure.
  • Stand against those who lie, cheat, and steal for greed or power.
  • Standing against something does not mean violence, nor does it mean success. You stand so that other may rally with you.

Above all, a paladin should lead others by inspiration and persuasion.


In the Endhaven, Tythia is the patron of the City of Charystos.

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