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Weapon (shortsword), legendary

Tyrfing Blade is a +3 magical shortsword which never rusts, rarely misses a stroke, and can cut through stone as easily as paper. It glows brightly and illuminates a 5 foot radius with bright light and a 5 foot radius outside of that which is illuminated with dim light. The blade is made of iron and the hilt is made of gold. However, Tyrfing Blade is cursed in that once it is drawn, it cannot be sheathed until it has killed someone. The blade has advantage on attack rolls against nobility and royalty. When making an attack against a dwarf, you both make opposed Dex checks, the attack misses if the opponent rolls higher than the wielder.

Tyrfing Blade was created by two dwarves, named Dvalinn and Durin, who were forced by Svarlami, King of Gardariki, to create a blade with a hilt of gold that would never rust, never miss a stroke, and cut through Stone and Iron as easily as through clothes. However, the dwarves also cursed the blade so that whenever it was drawn, it would kill a man, and that it would cause 3 evils. They also cursed it to kill Svarlami. Svarlami was killed by a berserker named Arngrim, who took the blade for himself. It was then worn by Angantyr and his 11 brothers, before they were all killed at Samsø by the Swedish warrior Hjalmar and his sworn brother, the Norwegian champion, Orvar-Odd. Tyrfing's first evil deed was when it then injured Hjalmar, and Hjalmar died soon after. Tyrfing's second evil deed came when Argantyr's grandson, Heidrek, was walking with his brother when he decided he wanted to have a look at the sword. Because it was unsheathed, Heidrek was forced to kill his brother. This was Tyrfing's second evil deed. Heidrek grew up and became King of the Goths, and was accompanied by 8 mounted thralls during a voyage. While he was camped at the Carpathians, the thralls broke into his tent while he slept, took the Tyrfing Blade, and killed Heidrek. Tyrfing blade had finished its final evil deed, so the curse was completed.

King Svafrlami threatens Dvalinn and Durin

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