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Multi-Handed Spell [Metamagic][edit]

You've learned how to support your spells with more than one hand to increase their potiential.
Prerequisite: Two or more limbs capable of providing somatic components, Caster level 12th, Spellcraft 15 ranks
Benefit: Whenever at least two of your hands are free, you may unleash a Multi-Handed Spell. You cast the spell as normal, but the DC for Saving throws and Dispel checks increase depending on how many hands you use. The DC for the Saving Throws increases by +2 if you use 2 hands, +4 if you use 3 hands, and +6 if you use four hands. The DC to Dispel the cast spell increases by +1 for two hands, +2 for 2 hands, and +3 for 4 hands. Only spells with somatic components can be cast as Two-Handed Spells. If the spell has a focus or material component you're required to perform an action with(such as breaking a mirror or throwing dust at the target), you may only cast the spell if you have another, currently unused hand or other means to perform the action. A Two-Handed spell uses up a spell slot 1 level higher if using two hands, 2 level highers if using 3 hands, and 3 levels higher if using 4 hands. Using 5 or more hands to cast a spell using this Metamagic Feat does not increase the spell beyond that of using 4 hands.

Note: You must have natural arms to take advantage of this Feat. Golem arms, translucent arms granted by a spell, or any temporary extra limbs do not count. (I.e. a Thri-Kreen can cast a spell using all four of its arms/hands, but a Human can only use it's natural 2 arms.) Feats/mutations that permanently add additional natural arms [human arms for a human, elf arms for an elf, etc] count as natural arms for this Metamagic.

Restrictions: Metamagic Still Spell cannot be used in conjunction with this Metamagic Feat, as this Feat requires the use of Somatic Components, and Metamagic Still Spell removes the need for Somatic Components
Normal: You only need one hand to provide somatic components, and gain no benefit for doing so otherwise.

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