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Trophy Fighter[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Their appearance varies depending on subrace. To put it simply, the race's name comes from their trophy forms when asleep or unconcious. Their bodies each emit a soft light when awake.

This light represents their soul, their fighting spirit in a sense and will often shine brighter with righteous anger and the thrill of victory. The group's appearance all varies depending on their subrace with a table listed below for reference


Trophy fighters tend to make their homes in different communities to protect them from harm. They mainly live in human communities though dwarf and elven communities are common. They work to support their home community view adventuring by gathering coin and aid as well as experience the world.

Many trophy fighter's names are those of local heroes, those adventurers who give back to their community in some fashion, like dealing with local threats or helping others in various ways.

trophy fighters are a relatively young race, only about 200 years old at most, so they tend to be open to many different ideas or working with different races, lacking the sort of history other races might have that makes them set in their ways.


Their society is mainly focused on freedom of choice and action, recognizing that every individual is shaped by what they have experienced and the world around them. Alignments of all stripes are accepted into their communities with the actions of that individual mattering far more than appearance or what they have done.

Adventuring is held in high esteem by their race, as a excellent way to see the world and gain experience in general. Trophy fighters as a whole, generally have excellent relationships with humans as they see their diverseness as similar to their own. They do get along with other races for the most part, finding their viewpoints as valid in their own way, though they do try to work to get them to try new things in life. T

heir legends tell of three gods that they moved away from and were defeated by great heroes among their race in ancient times. Tabuu, who's endless greed and envy sought to capture the world for himself in a pocket demiplane of his own design. Galeem, a being of pure goodness and order who fell into evil as he tried to control the entire world so evil and darkness could not ever rise again. Darkthorn, a unfeeling mass of negative energy and magic who sought to give ever being freedom in a endless black void of abyssal energy

trophy fighter Names[edit]

Often gaining by the names of their trophy form, they usually distinguish themselves from similar trophy fighters by color or some other stylistic choice

Male: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, marth, roy, mega man

Female: Peach, Shiek Bayonetta, ashley, samus, zero suit samus

identifiers: crimson, iron, blader, giant

Trophy Fighter Traits[edit]

smashbro spirits come to life
Ability Score Increase. Your str score increases by 2 and your con score increases by 1.
Age. reaches adulthood by age 15, middle age by age 60 and old age by age 90
Alignment. tends towards any alignments but neutral alignments tend to be the most common
Size. small or medium, depends on subsrace
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. swim speed 10 feet
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Trophy Body. When dropped to zero hit points, you start with one success on your death saving throws and you die when reduced to negative hit points equal to 15 + your Constitution modifier + your Strength modifier.
Agile Jumper. You always are treated as having a running start when jumping.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.
Subrace. See below.

Akira Yuki[edit]

melee striker. your damage rolls with your first melee attack rolls are rolled with advantage.
dodge roll. once per round, when an attack misses you, you can make a melee attack at a enemy in range


sneak attack. when making attack rolls with combat advantage, you have advantage on attack and damage rolls
poison use. you have training with poison.

ancient robot[edit]

construct. you don't need to eat, sleep, drink or breath
glory eyes. your darkvision is doubled and you can distinguish color

Arcade Bunny[edit]

lucky. you have a +1 luck bonus on saving throws
take a chance. When you would reroll a die, you gain a +2 bonus to that roll


mage training. you can cast 4 cantrip spells once per day each
wand of accuracy. once per encounter, when miss, you can reroll the die and must use the second result

Banjo and Kazooie[edit]

backpack. carrying capacity is doubled.
speed boost. five times per day, gain a +10 bonus to speed for one round.


sonic blast. when you deal non weapon damage, you can change half of it to thunder damage
musician training. you gain training in the perform skill


witch time. +2 bonus to reflex and fortitude saves.
fiendish resilience. resist five acid, cold and fire.

Black knight[edit]

critical hit. when you score a critical hit, you deal an extra d10 damage and knock the target prone
headsman. when attacking a prone enemy, you deal 5 extra damage

Blue Alloy[edit]

azure alloy. your weapon and melee attacks are treated as magic
magic frame. you have a +2 bonus on ac and on saves against magical effects


fire breath. gain burning hands as a spell like ability twice per day.
heavy shell. gain a +2 bonus to ac.

builder mario[edit]

craftsman. you gain training in two craft skills
quick worker. when making an item, you reduce the time needed to make it by half.


weapon training. gain training in swords, axes and bows
divine righteousness. choose 1 1st level paladin spell and three cantrips, you can cast them once per day each


music skill. you have training in two perform skills
swimmer. you have a swim speed of 30 feet and can breath in air and water

Captain falcon[edit]

falcon punch. melee attacks deals 1d4 (2) fire damage.
raptor boost. when moving enemies who make a oppurtunity attack take d4 (2) fire damage.


willful spirit. you have a +2 bonus to wisdom and charisma saves
thinking cap. your intelligence is increased 1

Chain chomp[edit]

bite. you have a bite attack that deals d8 damage
metal jaw. your natural attacks are treated as adamantine, cold iron and silver for damage reduction


wings. fly speed 15 feet.
flare blitz. when charging enemies take an extra d8 fire damage.

Chibi robo[edit]

plug. your weapon attacks deal 2d4 electricity damage
fixer. you gain a bonus craft feat


runner. your speed increases by 10 feet
bird speech. you can speak with birds


loyal. +5 bonus to saves against enchantments.
swordsman. gaining training in longswords.


limit boost. when at half health, +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls.
materia. you may cast three o level spells once per day each as a spell like ability.


dragoon boost. +3 to saves against sleep and paralysis.
water control. swim speed 15 feet.


finger gun. your ranged attack rolls have a +1 bonus
smoke bomb. you have a +2 bonus to ac against oppurtunity attacks


sneak attack. deal 2d3 damage to flat footed enemies.
float. once per day, use feather fall as a spell like ability.

Dark Pit[edit]

fallen shroud. enemies within 5 feet of you, take d4 necrotic damage.
wings of black. fly speed 10 feet with hover.

Dark Samus[edit]

phazon. melee attacks deal d3 necrotic and d3 psychic damage.
phazon bolt. once per day, cast magic missile as a spell like ability but it deals necrotic and psychic damage.

Diddy Kong[edit]

peanut gun. once per round as a full round action, deal 2d4 damage to a enemy within 30 feet.
rocket boost. once per day, fly 40 feet as a move action.

dixie kong[edit]

shrink. You can reduce your size to small as a move action
whip it. you gain training in whips and spiked chains

Donkey Kong[edit]

kong strength. +2 bonus to melee damage rolls.
breaker. +3 bonus to checks to break objects.

Dr. Mario[edit]

pill blast. once per round as a standard action, deal d8 damage to an enemy within 15 feet of you.
doctor's training. gain heal as a bonus skill.


tension. when at half hp. you deal +1 damage on all weapon damage rolls
curse resistance. you gain +2 bonus on saves against curses

Duck Hunt[edit]

sniff. gain the scent trait.
bird crush. +3 bonus to attack rolls against flying enemies.


one armed warrior. you can wield one two handed weapon with one hand
big hitter. you can wield weapon's one size larger than you without penalty


inspiring command. when you score a critical hit, all allies heal d4 hp per every five levels you have
medal. when you take a short or long rest, you can declare one monster type until you take another short or long rest. You have +1 bonus on saves against creatures of that type


rapid fire. when making a ranged attack, roll twice and use the better result.
double shot. if you roll twice on a ranged attack roll and both hit, deal an extra d4 damage per damage die.

female wireframe[edit]

wire mesh. you can squeeze through a 1 inch crack with no penalty
electric body. when you are attacked or attack in melee, deal 3 electricity damage to the opposing creature

fighting polygon[edit]

mirror image. choose one trait from a trophy fighter subrace, gain that trait as your own.
jagged body. when struck by a melee attack, your attacker takes 2 damage.

flying man[edit]

psi power. you can change typed damage to psychic damage
flight. you have a fly speed of 15 feet


fire fox. when you don't move on your turn, your attacks deal d6 fire damage and adjacent enemies take d4 fire damage.
reflector. gain shield as a spell like ability once per day.


run and jump. your speed is increased by 10 feet
sneak strike. when making an attack roll with combat advantage, reroll any damage die of 1 or 2


warlock's strength:. gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls, fortitude and will saves.
dark pact. when you slay an enemy, heal d4 hit points.


star shower. your weapon and melee attacks deal radient damage instead of their regular damage
construct. you don't need to eat, sleep, drink or breath


golden armor. while wearing heavy armor, you gain a +10 bonus to speed
sword crush. when wielding a sword and shield, your attack rolls and ac increase by 2

Green alloy[edit]

verdant alloy. your weapon and melee attacks are treated as being adamantine
light or heavy. your weight is reduced by half and your carrying capacity is doubled


water shuriken. ranged attacks deal d6 cold damage.
stealthy. gain training in stealth.


wealth. your starting wealth is doubled
martial artist. your unarmed attacks deal d8 damage


magic pool. once per day, you may cast a spell or spell like ability without spending a spell slot but take d4 damage per spell level.
kaclang. when you don't move during your turn, gain a +5 bonus to ac.

Ice Climbers[edit]

blizzard buff. gain resist ten cold.
partnered up. gain a +4 bonus when flanking an enemy.


spike. when you score a critical hit, knock the target prone and deal d10 extra damage.
mighty swordsman. gain profiency with greatswords.


fire spew. when making a melee attacks, adjacent enemies take d4 (2) fire damage.
claw crush. when making a melee attack, deal d4 (2) slashing damage to the target.


swimmer. swim speed 30 feet.
aquatic. can breath water and air.

Iori Yagami[edit]

psycho crush. your weapon attacks deal d4 psychic damage and d4 necrotic damage
fighter king. you gain one bonus combat feat


hand crush. you can cast mage hand at will
element spirits. your damage rolls with fire, cold, electricity and acid are rolled with advantage


charming. can training in diplomacy.
rich. starting wealth is 900 gold.


poison type. resist 10 poison.
vine whip. gain ten feet of reach.

Jacky Byrant[edit]

jacket. your ac increases by 1
Dodge roll. you have a +2 bonus to dodge melee or weapon attacks


sing. cast sleep as a spell like ability once per day.
puff. gain a +3 bonus to ac against melee attacks.


persona. when making a saving against an enchantment, roll twice and choose the result.
master thief. add stealth and thievery to your class skills.

K. K. slider[edit]

musician. you gain training two skills in the bard skill list
bardic talent. you add two cantrips and one 1st level spell on the bard list as ocne per day


fire fist. when making a melee attack, your attack can deal fire damage.
fire soul. treat fire resistance as 10 lower.

King Dedede[edit]

hammer training. gain profiency with hammers.
downswing. when making an attack against a prone enemy, roll with advantage.

King K. Rool[edit]

jaws. gain a bite attack that deals d8 damage.
scaly hide. +2 bonus to ac.


copy. once per day, if you hit an enemy with a special trait or spell like ability, you can copy one of those abilities for 24 hours.
float. fly speed 10 with hover.


crushing blow. your melee attacks are rolled with advantage
flurry. You roll with advantage on oppurtunity attacks. If both rolls would hit, deal 2d4 extra damage


driver. +5 on checks to drive a vehicle.
magic wand. +2 bonus to dcs on spell saves.


fey ancestry. you are treated as a fey creature.
sword and shield. gain training with longswords and shields.


lip's stick. your melee attacks deal d6 poison damage
nature magic. you can cast 2 1st level druid spells once per day each.

Little Mac[edit]

guts. gain advantage on saves for frightened.
melee power. gain a +2 bonus to strength when making melee attack rolls.


twin blades. you can wield two weapons with a +2 attack and damage roll
angel wings. once per encounter, you can fly 40 feet instead of moving normally


detect aura. can cast detect magic, three times per day.
alert. gain a +3 bonus on perception checks.


psy striker. your attacks deal d2 extra damage when you deal non weapon damage.
smash!. when you would drop to 0 hp, you may roll a fortitude save to remain concious with one hit point.


blade critical. your critical hits with blades score on a 18 to 20.
noble heritage. you have a +2 bonus on diplomacy checks.


green fire. your melee attacks deal 2d3 fire and radient damage.
undead bane. deal d6 radient damage against undead opponents.


shining mark. when you drop a fiend or undead to zero hit points, you gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls until the end of your turn
shining critical. you deal 2d6 radient damage when you score a critical hit

Majora's mask[edit]

crazy. You roll saving throws on wisdom, intelligence and charisma with advantage
cursed. Once per round, an enemy who damages you, takes d6 necrotic and pyschic damage

male wireframe[edit]

wire mesh. you can squeeze through up to a 1 inch gap without penalty
fire power. you gain a +1 bonus to strength and deal d4 fire damage with your attacks


water training. you can breath underwater and make melee weapon attacks without penalty
color switch. you have a +10 bonus to stealth checks when you don't take an action for a full round


fire hands. Deal d6 fire damage with melee attacks.
block breaker. Treat the hardness of objects you strike as five lower.


swordplay. you have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls when wielding a sword.
dolphin blade. when making an extra weapon attack, you can deal d6 extra damage.

Martial artist[edit]

monk training. you add two skills from the monk skill list to your skills
melee fighter. your unarmed attacks deal d8 damage


cutter beam. your ranged attacks deal d6 slashing damage
bouncy. you have training in acrobatics and take checks on that skill with a +4 bonus

Mega Man[edit]

charged shot. your ranged attacks deal d6 extra damage.
e tank. once per short rest, you can heal 1 damage per level.

Megaman Exe[edit]

oversoul. The first time you would drop to zero hp, you remain with one hp
alter attacks. Once per round, when you deal damage, you can change that damage's type

Meta Knight[edit]

darkness sight. you can see perfectly in darkness, even magical darkness.
rapid blade. when making a melee attack, you can roll twice and choose the result.


psychic power. when dealing a damage type, you can change it to half psychic and half it's normal damage
teleport. once per short rest, you can teleport 15 feet as a move action.

Mii Fighter[edit]

bare knuckles. when making a attack roll, you can deal d4 extra damage.
unarmored defence. your ac without armor is 13 plus your dexterity modifier.

Mii Gunner[edit]

hell blast. when making ranged attacks, you can ignore partial cover.
aiming laser. you have a +2 bonus to attack rolls with ranged attacks.

Mii Sword Fighter[edit]

adaptable. you may choose one weapon fighting style at first level.
weapon focus. you have a +1 bonus to weapon attacks.


long arms. you have 10 feet of melee reach
dragon breath. when making an oppurtunity attack, you deal d4 fire and d3 piercing damage

monster hunter[edit]

titan striker. you roll with advantage on foes larger than you
weapon training. you have training in martial weapons


bright eyes. you have advantage with perception checks
thief. you can make thievery checks in combat with no penalty

Mr. Game and Watch[edit]

shadow bugs. once every hour, you regain 1 hit point for every two levels you have.
judge. when making an attack roll with advantage, you have a +3 bonus to both rolls.

Mr saturn[edit]

tech skills. once per day, a magic item with charges, gains one additional charge, up to it's maximum
psychic resistance. you gain resist 10 psychic


golden blade. your attacks with one handed melee weapons deal 3 (d6) radient damgage
vision. At the start of the day, you can roll one d20 die roll. During the day before your next long rest, you can use that die in place of that roll. You must use the result, even if it's worse


samurai spirit. you make saving throws against on going effects with a +3 bonus
slash. you roll attack and damage rolls with slashing damage with advantage


guts. when at half health,h, roll attack rolls with advantage.
psi power. your typed damage can be changed to psychic, fire, cold, lightning or thunder.


back slash. you roll attack rolls when flanking an enemy with advantage
future sight. At the start of the die, roll 2 d20s. You can use them in place of another creature's roll


rapid reach. you can make oppurtunity attacks with a reach of 10 feet
unarmed skill. your unarmed melee strikes deal d6 damage plus your dexterity modifer


throw specialist. your range with thrown weapons increases by 10 feet.
evo suit. you have an advatage against saves against poison and disease effects.


luck of the rng. when rolling dice to find treasure, roll with advantage.
chomp. you have a bite attack that deals d6 damage.


angel wings. you have a fly speed of 15 feet with perfect manuverability.
divine shield. while above half hit points, you have a +2 bonus to saving throws and ac.


counter. once per short rest, when an enemy attacks you within 5 feet, you may make a melee attack against them.
peach blossom. when you consume a potion, you heal 2d4 damage.

Persona 3[edit]

Soul shield. you gain resist 5 psychic, radient and necrotic
sword strike. you gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls with swords

Persona 4[edit]

soul blade. your melee attacks deal d4 radient and psychic damage
mental resilence. you roll will saves with advantage


electric pain. while at half health your lower, your attacks deal d6 electric damage.
speed boost. you gain a +10 bonus to speed when moving in a straight line.


electric shock. your melee attacks deal d4 electric damage.
thunder. once per long rest, deal 2d6 electric damage to foes within 30 feet of you.

Piranaha Plant[edit]

maw. you have a bite attack that deals d4 damage with the grab ability.
fire breath. when you deal fire damage, you can increase the damage by one die size.


three sacred treasure. you gain training with bows and shields.
angel resilience. you gain resist 5 necrotic, psychic and radient.

Pokemon Trainer[edit]

beast speech. cast speak with animals once per short rest.
inspiring command. gain inspiring leader as a bonus feat.

Proto man[edit]

Proto shield. you have training in shields
free spirit. When you are dominated, you can make a saving throw each turn


flaming body. when grabbed or swalloed whole, your opponent takes d6 (3) fire damage each round the grab lasts
counter. Once per encounter, when an enemy misses an attack roll, you can make an oppurtunity attack as a immediate reaction


big ears. you have advantage with perception
run and gun. you deal d6 extra damage when making a ranged attack after moving

Ray mk 3[edit]

armor boost. you ignore speed and check penalities for armor
launch. The first time you move in a round, enemies adjacent to you, take 2d4 fire damage

Red alloy[edit]

crimson alloy. your melee and weapon attacks are treated as being silver
dash punish. your movement speed increases by 5 feet and your strength increases by 1

Red shell[edit]

shell. you have a +2 bonus to ac
seeking. Three times per day, you can reroll a ranged attack roll


critical crush. you roll critical confirmation rolls with advantage
Counter. Once per round, when making a oppurtunity attack, you deal d6 damage


laser blast. when making a ranged attack, you can change the damage to fire and radient.
remote control. when affected by a charm effect, roll with advantage for saving throws.

Ribbon girl[edit]

arms. your reach with melee attacks is 10 feet
long arm of the law. you have threating reach


whip expertise. when making a melee attack, you can slide the target of the attack 5 feet if you hit.
undead expertise. you roll attack rolls against undead with advantage.


ebon wings. you gain fly speed 30 feet.
plasma breath. you gain a 15 cone of a breath weapon that deals d6 damage per level and can be used once per day.


elemental magic. you can cast one first level spell and two 0 level spells as spell like abilities once per short rest.
magic resistance. you roll saves against spells with a +3 bonus.

Robot kit[edit]

construct. you don't need to eat, sleep, drink or breath
fortified. you have a 50 percent chance to avoid, sneak attacks and critical hits


mother of the stars. you don't need to breath.
gliding grace. you gain levitate as a spell like ability once per day.


flaming blade. your weapon attacks deal an extra d8 fire damage.
rally. at the start of combat, allies who can see and hear you, heal d8 hp.


fighting spirit. you roll saving throws with a +2 bonus.
street fighter. you have tavern brawler as a bonus feat.

Ryu Sakazaki[edit]

tavern brawler. you gain tavern brawler as a bonus feat
heavy hitter. Your weapon and melee attacks are treated as one die size larger

Saki Amamiya[edit]

sin and punishment. you have a +2 bonus to attack rolls on evil outsiders, undead and dragons
snipe. you can make ranged attacks while hidden with a -5 penalty


missile blast. your first ranged attack in combat between short rests deals double damage.
broadcast forcefield. allies and yourself within 30 feet of resist 3 all to damage.


dodge. you have a +2 bonus to ac
bad time. When at half health or lower, you deal d6 necrotic and radient damage with your attacks


poison chain. your weapon attacks deal d4 poison damage.
smoke bomb. once per long rest, teleport 30 feet and deal d8 fire damage to adjacent enemies.


foresight. you have a +4 bonus to initiative.
construct bane. your attacks against constructs are rolled with advantage.

Shy guy[edit]

shy. you have advantage with stealth checks
throw. you gain a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls when throwing weapons


holy resistance. you gain resist 5 poison, necrotic and radient.
weapon mastery. your attacks with weapons have a +1 bonusu to damage rolls.

skull kid[edit]

lost child. your size is small
forest stealth. you leave no trace in forest environments


goood. you gain resist 10 acid
happy smile. you have a +1 bonus to charisma


sneaky. you gain profiency with stealth.
sneak attacker. when making attack rolls with advantage, reroll the damage dice if they come up as ones or twos.


speedy. your land speed increases by 10 feet.
chaos resistance. you gain resist five fire, cold and electricity.


spikes. Enemies who hit you in melee take d6 piercing damage
curl it up. when you don't move, your ac increases by 4 until the start of your turn

Spring man[edit]

grappler. You have advantage when grappling and can grab creatures two sizes larger than you
rapid strike. you have threatening reach with reach weapons


shelled. you gain a +2 bonus to ac.
water breathing. you can breathe air and water and have a 25 feet swim speed.

Super mushroom[edit]

enlarge. twice per day, you can cast enlarge person
nature power. you need to eat and sleepd 50 percent less.


seeker. you gain profiency with tracking
ghost slayer. you ignore incorpreal resistance


hover. you have a fly speed of 10 with hover
inventor. you can cast two artificer spells as spell like abilities once per day each.

Team rocket[edit]

blast off. you ignore falling damage
black command. summoned monsters you control have a +2 bonus to all stats and saving throws.


helper. when making a aid another action, you grant a +4 bonus
spirit sight. you can see invisible objects and creatures


brawler. you gain tavern champion as a bonus feat.
super power. when you are at half health or lower, you roll damage rolls with advantage.


counter. once per day, an enemy that hits you takes half the damage you took
rattled. you gain a +5 bonus to speed.

Toon Link[edit]

swimmer. you gain a swim speed of 30 feet.
sword play. your attack rolls with swords and bows are made with advantage.

vault boy[edit]

salvage skill. when making checks to repair items or assess damage, you roll with advantage
mutation. you have resist 5 to two damage types of your choice at first level


sizz. your weapon and melee attacks deal 2d4 fire damage
mini mage. your size is small and you gain magic initiate as a bonus feat.


pocket. you gain the benefits of having a bag of holding.
construction. during short rests, you can repair damage to items you own or those in your party by d6 hp.


age. you ignore aging effects and penalities for age
artist. you gain profiency in one craft and one perform skill


sky mage. you can cast fly once per day
staff training. You have a +2 bonus to ac and saves while wielding a staff.


dash strike. you deal d6 extra damage with attacks after moving
envy. when you hit a foe with an ongoing positive effect, deal d8 damage


greed. you gain a +10 bonus to speed when you can see treasure worth 500 gp or higher.
business sense. you roll with advantage when convincing others to sell you things or buy things from you.

Wii Fit Trainer[edit]

athletic. you gain training in athletics and acrobatics.
runner. you treat your overland speed as doubled.


claws. you gain two claw attacks that deal d6 damage.
tracker. you gain profiency in perception and survival.

Wooly Yoshi[edit]

reforming wool. at the start of your turn, regain 1 hp per level
squeeze. you can fit through spaces one size smaller without penalty


virus proof. you have advantage on saves against diseases, curses and charms
energy copy. Three times per day, when you are damaged, you can gain resist 5 to that damage type until you choose a new one.

Yellow Alloy[edit]

Golden alloy. your weapon and melee attacks are treated as cold iron
able bodied. you have a +3 bonus on saves against poison, disease and curses


snatch. you have advantage on thievery checks
vanish. once per day, you can cast invisibility on your self


hover jump. you roll your checks to jump with advantage.
dragon heritage. when you are bloodied, you gain a fly speed of 15 feet.

Young Link[edit]

timeless. you gain immunity to aging effects and penalities due to aging.
forest child. you gain training in knowledge nature and roll checks with that skill with advantage.


magical apptitude. you gain magic initiate feat as a bonus feat.
curing touch. once per short rest, you can touch a creatue and heal d4 hit points per every two levels.


transform. you have training the disguise skill
zennithian resistance. you gain resist 5 fire, cold and electricity


Z saber. your weapon attacks deal d6 radient damage
speed jump. you gain run as a bonus feat

Zero Suit Samus[edit]

paralyzer. your weapon attacks reduce a foe's movement by 5 feet for one round.
plasma blasts. your weapon attacks deal d4 fire and d4 electricity damage.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 11″ +2d6 160 lb. × (3d10) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a trophy fighter character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 you enjoy a good brawl
2 You want to be challenged in life
3 You believe that imagination and creativity are the keys to victory
4 You dislike cheating or sneaking around
5 Every day is exciting to you
6 You wish for a exciting life filled with adventure
7 You respect your enemies and allies
8 You want to change the world
d6 Ideal
1 you always love a challenge
2 you don't like cheating in a fight
3 glory in battle is what you live for
4 every day is a chance to see something new
5 you respect all who fought you
6 you like proving your mettle in combat
d6 Bond
1 you'll fight for your friends until the end
2 I always give my friends tips on how to fight
3 I respect my allies and my enemies
4 I push those around me to do their best
5 I firmly believe in fighting fairly and not being underhanded
6 I live for a challenge and encourage others to rise to it
d6 Flaw
1 I believe fighting is the only way to win
2 I prefer blunt honesty over white lies
3 I prefer fighting to sneaking around
4 I tend to distrust those who lean towards extreme goodness and order or extreme evil and chaos
5 I don't understand sleeping and dreaming or what it's like
6 I'd rather die young than live to old age
(one vote)

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