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Drangleic (5e Campaign Setting)
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Items which are found aplenty and seem to have no use. Or perhaps...

A small piece of white stone...


  1. A clump of ashes. Somehow the ashes are holding together in a crystalline form.
  2. A ruined signet ring. It seems familiar somehow...
  3. A small wolf statue. It makes a growling noise whenever danger is nearby.
  4. A small bracelet with a wolf charm. You're sure that it belonged to someone in your past...
  5. A figurine of a lizard. The belly of it softly glows an orange light.
  6. A figurine of a person in almost gold armour. However, it cannot be gold. The armor is tarnished.
  7. A charred blackened key. I wonder what door this once opened...
  8. A destroyed helmet. It takes the form of a helmet from a knight of Astora. Why was an Astoran in Drangleic?
  9. A poorly drawn dragon.
  10. A large key, forged from a black metal. It is ancient, yet in perfect condition. What doors may it open?
  11. A hilt of a sword. It has a green jewel in the pommel.
  12. A small piece of white stone. It easily rubs off on surfaces, yet never diminishes.
  13. A red orb, cracked down the middle.
  14. A blue orb, cracked down the middle.
  15. A black crystal, wrapped in a white cloth.
  16. A small talisman from some ancient order or other.
  17. A small white crystal, it feels fragile, but has a strangely enticing aura about it.
  18. A small white crystal, it emits a radiant light when held in the palm of your hand. It has a very enticing aura about it.
  19. A red leaf. It is from some herb or other, but it's vigour has long since faded.
  20. A small lockbox it is labelled, "Ring of the Other."
  21. A key to a lockbox.
  22. A small shard of crystal-- almost metal.
  23. A brightly glowing shard of crystal, emitting a yellow light. It hurts to hold for too long.
  24. A dull black crystal. It seems to devour light that touches it.
  25. A pale rock.
  26. A perfectly smooth stone, it is perfectly round.
  27. A slab of crystal. It looks as though it were metal.
  28. A small figurine of a knight. It wears no armor that you recognize, and it's eyes glow blue. His sword and shield are unrecognizable from any kingdom you've visited, but they seem familar somehow...
  29. A telescope. It's missing the lens and the mirrors that make it function.
  30. A gold figurine of a small dragon. It carries a small black flag in one claw, and wears a black crown. The flag is too small to see what's on it.
  31. A small crystalline shard which glows with a comforting orange light.
  32. A pommel from the hilt of a sword. It is black, gilded with gold patterns that resemble a hellish scene of chaos.
  33. A poorly drawn picture of a suit of armour.
  34. A small figurine of someone wearing a strange looking hat. It induces laughter from any living being that looks at it.
  35. A small pebble. It is very smooth and shiny.
  36. A small bit of petrified... Well, not really sure what it is, but it's something.
  37. A piece of Dragon Bone. Useless. Or perhaps...
  38. A

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