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The Triforce is the divine essence of the Gods. It is equal parts Power, Wisdom, and Courage. However, it can be broken into these virtues, and then those be broken even more, up to 8 times. Just a shard of a Triforce piece is powerful.

Triforce of Power[edit]

The Triforce of Power gives the wielder untold power, and makes him like a god. The wielder can cast any spell as if he were 20 caster levels higher, +10 Strength and Charisma, +infinity spell slots per day, and can not die. A shard grants +1 Strength and Charisma, +1 Spell slot per spell level, +1 caster level, and fast healing 1.

Triforce of Wisdom[edit]

The Triforce of Wisdom gives the wielder foresight into the future, and improves magical abilities. The wielder's spells are cast at 10 caster levels higher, +10 Intelligence and Wisdom, can take a 20 on Skill checks, always wins initiative, and can see the future. A shard grants +1 Intelligence and Charisma, +1 on all skills, +1 to initiative, and +1 insight bonus to everything.

Triforce of Courage[edit]

The Triforce of Courage gives the wielder the will to take on any challenge, improves combat abilities, and immune to fear. The wielder gains +10 Dexterity and Constitution, +10 to attack, proficiency with all weapons, Weapon Focus with all weapons, and immune to fear effects. A shard grants +1 Dexterity and Constitution, +1 to Attack rolls, proficiency with one additional weapon, Weapon Focus with said weapon, and +1 Will saves vs fear effects.

Combining the Triforce[edit]

When the 3 bearers are near each other, one of them must simply demand the Triforce to join together. The Triforce pieces will leave the wielders bodies and form into the Triforce. Anyone may then place their hand on it and make a wish. This can be any wish, anything at all. No limitations. After the wish is made, the Triforce will vanish returning to its home in the sacred realm.

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