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Tribefolk are a subrace seen in most races, theyre mostly druids and rangers and their leader is clerics and they live longer than their normal races.


Tribefolk are rarely nomads, they normally settle down far of civilatation.

Physical Description[edit]

Tribefolk are always slighty tanned and have brown to dark hair, their eyes are brown and theyre a bit smaller than their regular race.


Tribefolk dont like others, they often seek out other tribes and have the tribe leaders(clerics) fight each other, who ever wins take over both tribes.


Usually true neutral.


They can live everywhere(If theyre not a aquatic race they cant like in aquatic enviorments).


The druids of tribefolk belive in the power of the nature and granting their power from their surrondings(They use wild shape for what creatures live in their surrondings) The Clerics of tribefolk is also beliveing in the power of nature but see's them self's as a sort of demigod, clerics of tribe folk can take any of the 2 following domains: Animal, Healing, Protection, Sun, Travel and War. They can get special domains for special living enviorments. Air = High in the mountains or flying race, Earth = Mountains or underground, Fire = Near volcano, Plant = Forests, Water = under sea or at sea or near water.


All tribefolk speak TribeSpeak and the native language of their race. They can learn common.


Tribefolk have names like the idians do, for example, Strong Bear, Wise Owl or the alike.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Str
  • +2 Dex
  • -2 Wis
  • -1 Int
  • +1 Con
  • -2 Cha

Size: The original race. Spell like abilities an the alike: Like their race.

Automatic Language: TribeSpeak and what their race pocess. Can learn Common.

Favored Class: Druid

Level adjustment: +3

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