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It started with a single thought, a rejected thought from a god. These rejected thoughts slowly stacks together and creates a baby. These babies are usually placed with random people, rather they take care of them or not. When they turn 18, they stop aging and become fully aware of what they are. They are the upholders of the natural law of the universe. They don't die unless poisoned and/or in combat. Since no Treiyu looks alike, no one, but another Treiyu, will even know what one is. The race is not in any scrolls, documents and the like. One thing is for sure, is that they are always and forever trying to get their gods attention.


When it comes to personalities, it varies greatly. But when around new people, the ones they have to party up with, they are quiet and tend to observe each and every single one. This doesn't mean they trust their party member. Everyone has to do something immensely great to earn a Treiyus trust ( this does not include constant healing, protecting, sacrifice or even true resurrection.) However, they are extremely curious beings.

Physical Description[edit]

Just like their personalities, their looks varies just as much. They can be of any height, weight, hair color[s], hair length, eye color, skin color, skin pattern, fur [if any], fur color, etc. They do have an alternate form that can be medium, small, tiny, or fine and can be of any animal or humanoid, once selected it cannot be changed. Practically, it is all up to the imagination. If a Treiyu has wings, they may disappear into the character's back without it looking like they have wings. It takes an immediate action to show their wings or retract them.


Treiyus, as mentioned before, are hard to trust others. They feel indifferent. And because of this, they are targets, being accused of any and every bad deed that happens around them, even if they didn't commit the crime at the time. But until pointed out, they treat everyone the same.


To put it simply, they are true neutral. But being upholders to the universe, they are considered both law and chaos along with being good, neutral and evil.


They most generally stay in areas that aren't populated by other races. Treiyus are never mentioned in books, are even spoken about. they aren't rare by any means, it's just that they can blend well with other races if need be.


They follow the god that "made" them.


Starius, a forbidden and secret language only known to Treiyus. Celestial, Infernal and Common


Any name works.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, +4 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, +4 Charisma
  • Humanoid (Celestial, Abomination)
  • Medium
  • Treiyu base land speed is 30 feet: Fly, if any wings, is 70 feet (good).
  • Telepathy (Ex): May communicate with any intelligent creature that they know telepathically (they do not need to share a language).
  • Alternate Form (Ex): May change into an animal or humanoid form from medium to fine. This otherwise acts as Alter Self. A Treiyu can use this ability 3 x charisma mod times per day. Once the form has been selected it cannot be changed.
  • Multiclass: May multiclass without taking the normal exp penalty.
  • Automatic Languages: Starius, Celestial, Infernal and Common. Bonus: Any.
  • Favored Class: Anything dealing with creating, life-taking[ex Necromancer], and/or anything dealing with magic.
  • +10 to Natural Armor
  • LA = +4

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