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Trapped Spirit[edit]

As the Elvin exorcist entered the building, she already felt something wrong with this place. She knew it was a spirit, but she didn't know what kind or where it was. Suddenly, a box began to shudder before launching itself at the Elf. She thought she'd manage to dodge, but the box suddenly stopped and landed on her back. Somehow, she could tell this was what was holding the spirit. She pushed the box off enough so she could think for a moment. She then began to cast a spell before touching the box with her palm, golden light spilling onto it. The box shuddered in the air before stopping, the spirit finally either in the light or in the Nine Hells.

Physical Description[edit]

Tethered to any object of small-to-average size, a Trapped Spirit can look like any object of said variety. A Book, a gemstone, a chair, a Candelabra- a Trapped Spirit looks like the object they are bound to. However, a Trapped Spirit may also tether other small inanimate objects to itself, in order to make a makeshift body or armor- in such cases, a Trapped Spirit may look like a floating collection of a number of common or uncommon objects, such as plates of armor, dinner plates, etc.


Trapped Spirits can be created from the living or the already dead. Be it through spells that can tear a soul from a body and force it into an object, or through a curse to make a spirit be tethered upon death- there are countless ways and reasons why a Trapped Spirit may exist.


Trapped Spirits can come from near any race, and can exist near anywhere as a consequence. They do not have their own society or community, as such.

Trapped Spirit Names[edit]

The names of Spirits come from their time in life, and therefore Trapped Spirits can have names common of any Race.

Trapped Spirit Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Whatever your Spirit was before they died, be it Tiefling, Human, Elf, etc., their ability score's increase is determined by what they were in life.
Age. As ghosts, they are not held back by the limitations of flesh and physical bodies- therefore, they are ageless.
Alignment. Despite being dead, most Trapped Spirits remain aware and sentient, rather than being feral or thoughtless. Therefore, their experiences in both life and undeath can wildly vary depending upon who they used to be, and their alignments can be anywhere.
Size. The size of a spirit itself means very little when it's confined to an object of a different size. Most objects used to trap spirits are small, such as lockets, small stones, or hand mirrors- but should a Trapped Spirit use their power to create a body larger than just the object they're confined to, their size can vary from tiny to medium.
Speed. Depending upon a spirit's body or lack thereof, there are two movement options for a Trapped Spirit. If a Trapped Spirit has made a body for itself through the tethering of objects, their base walking speed is 30 feet. If a Trapped Spirit has not expended the energy to make itself a body, and instead floats their object to move, their base "walking" (ie Floating) speed is 40 feet.
Ghostly Sight. A Trapped Spirit, due to lacking a typical physical body, may have heightened senses. Trapped Spirits may have access to either "Blindsight" or "Truesight".
Spiritual Reach. Spiritual Reach allows a Trapped Spirit to interact with the world around it. Within 15 feet of a Trapped Spirit, they may: -Tether a small object to themself, keeping it attached to their being -Grab a small-to-average size object -Grab onto something, living or inanimate, and pull themself to it
Tethered Body or Free Spirit A Trapped Spirit may create a "body" for itself using tethered objects around itself, creating a makeshift armor. A Trapped Spirit may also keep its object free of any tethered objects, leaving it open. Both of these options carry positives and negatives.

Tethered Body: When you have a Makeshift Body, your range of Spiritual Reach is lessened by 5 feet and can only be used to lift "small" objects, all spells lose 1/4th of their casting range, and your movement speed decreases by 1/4th as well. However, you may add one extra roll of the Hit Die to any HP increase you receive, starting with your base HP, you add 1/4th or your current AC to its base value, and you gain proficiency with all types of armor.

Free Spirit: When you have a Free Spirit, you must subtract 1/4th of your AC from what it would be otherwise, and with every new roll of the Hit Die for your character, you must make a second roll, and subtract half the value of the second roll from your first. However, your Spiritual Reach is increased by 5 feet and can be used to lift small to average sized objects, all spells gain an extra 1/4th of casting range, and your movement speed increases by 1/4th..
Languages. Whatever languages a spirit knew when alive, it knows when it is dead. Dependent upon the race the character was when living.

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