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Transmuter's Gloves[edit]

The transmuter's gloves are perfect for characters with many ranks in Craft skills. The transmuter's gloves allow you to transform materials into crafted objects once per day or more (See Price). You must clap your hands, focus on the item you want to create, and then touch the materials. The materials will form into the intended item. If the item is complex, you must make an appropriate Craft check.

Crafting is not the only use for this item, though. You can also use it for combat purposes. You can use the surroundings to create just about anything (with the appropriate Craft check if needed). Creating weapons out of stone doubles the weight and gives a -2 on Attack rolls, but damage stays the same. Creating weapons out of wood halves the damage dealt, but also halves the weight.

Moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, Fabricate, Need 5 ranks in a Craft skill to create this item; Price 5,850 gp (Once per day); 11,700 gp (2/d); 17,550 gp (3/d); 23,400 gp (4/d); 29,250 gp (At will).

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