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The transgressor movement began among the academics, starting in Caer Wyrmshold, quickly spreading to surrounding Rhakotis and then slowly spreading out from their to create the Wars of Law and Chaos.

Concerned with the increasingly rigidity of the Empires under the new Axiomite movement, they created a philosophy of personal achievement. They posited that rules help to regulate society, but that rules can also limit personal achievement. When you limit personal achievement, you limit the very people to make their achievements. Looking at leaders who make achievements, scholars in Caer Wyrmshold found that leaders in society are limited by rules which regulate personal achievement. They found that without a philosophy of personal achievement leaders then become mediocre, thus leading an empire into a cycle of incompetence and collapse.

The scholars posed that rules regulating personal achievement should be removed in favor of rules regulating their achievements.

This philosophy caught on among students and the frustrated young. They moved this philosophy from the academic world to the political world. They moved into social rebellion, then into activism. This activism did not remain peaceful. Those who called for revolution took up arms. The movement became militaristic. This movement triggered the two-hundred year long Wars of Law and Chaos.

Transgressor Philosophy[edit]

Modern transgressors believe in power through personal achievements. They abhor the limits placed on them by laws or traditions. They view themselves as fundamentally free, only limited by their abilities and their dedication to achieving their personal potential. Those who accept limitations on their personal achievement have less will and less ability. Those who, rather, accept limitations on their achievements have the most will and the most ability.

Pure transgressors care nothing for morality. Morality limits possibilities. Morality prevents you from achieving your own personal potential. Only those truly dedicated to achieving that potential can rise beyond the confines of their own hangups. Pure transgressors favor the potentials of various achievements in favor of moralities' static achievements.

Moral Transgressors[edit]

The moral transgression movement is a newer movement among transgressors. This movement arose during the Wars of Law and Chaos with the purpose of stopping those destructive conflicts. Morality to moral transgressors is defined to be the possibility to make more achievements either unhindered or helped by past moral achievements.

Moral transgressors believe that transgression is linked with purpose. Transgression without purpose is pointless; an exercise in ego or carelessness. The products of these transgressive actions produce no lasting results. Moral transgressors find that transgression for selfish reasons is evil and that these actions only provide suffering. When the transgressor leaves, those who suffered by it will seek to overturn its legacy. It is only when transgression acts in beneficence that transgression achieves its true and purest form. Those who transgress for the benefits of others will see their achievements lauded and treasured. For the moral transgressor, they accept the future as their own responsibility where their moral achievements should later either not hinder or help their following moral achievements.

Many in the new hero movement are moral transgressors.

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